From Roads to Skies: Mansory’s Unyielding Touch on Flying Cars

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Even Flying Cars Can’t Escape A Mansory Makeover

Ah, Mansory. Love it or hate it, the tuning firm knows how to stir up a conversation – be it upping the ante on already offensive SUVs or taking something as rare and sacred as a Ford GT before completely bastardizing the thing. Nothing is safe from its clutches today, seemingly, nor will that look to change in the future – even if flying cars actually happen.

In a press release seemingly conjured up by that one guy you’ve been stuck next to at 3 am at a house party, the German tuner has pondered what the future of cars, and more specifically, its customizations, could look like in the future.

Mansory's Unyielding Touch on Flying Cars
Mansory’s Unyielding Touch on Flying Cars (Credits: Carscoops)

Its ‘Empower’ render doesn’t appear to be based on any existing flying car concept (then again, with so many vapourware projects out there, who knows?), though it is pretty clearly designed to a level that only Mansory could manage.

We’d presume this flying car would be electrically powered, which makes the insane number of intakes and vents seem an odd choice. The front end is plastered in them, plus you have to question what that gigantic roof scoop could be feeding air into. Has anyone considered the possibility that aesthetically altering the aerodynamics of a *flying* car may also not be a great idea?

There are lots of hypotheticals, but as Mansory states, “No one can say for sure at the moment – but one thing is already certain: there will always be cars and the desire for customized refinement from a renowned manufacturer.”. We can’t say they’re wrong.

Mansory’s other upcoming creations are more grounded in reality. The firm has announced it’ll reveal three full new conversions this year. The electric Rolls-Royce Spectre will be first, followed by a Lamborghini Revuelto and finally the Ferrari Purosangue. It says these will “impressively demonstrate the entire spectrum of brand diversity”, so expect some truly polarising stuff.


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