Expert Suggests Seizing the Opportunity: Purchase a Porsche Carrera GT as Stop-Use Order Indicates the Perfect Time

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Stop-Use Order Means Now’s The Time To Buy A Porsche Carrera GT, Specialist Reckons

The Porsche Carrera GT is back in the news again. To recap, around a third of all examples of the car were recalled in April 2023 due to a possible suspension safety issue, but Porsche subsequently took things further by issuing a stop-use order cornering every Carrera GT ever made.

More recently, Jalopnik published a report noting that the parts required for the fix might not be available until the third quarter of 2024. That, in theory, makes each one of these seminal, screaming V10 supercars unusable for some time, having already been taken out of action for a while.

Carrera GT
Carrera GT (Credits: Carscoops)

We spoke to Chorleywood-based DK Engineering, a leading expert in all things Carrera GT, for a little more insight. What’s interesting is that UK-based CGT owners appear to be having a tougher time of it than those across the pond, with insurers not covering the cars to be driven.

DK Engineering had confirmation from its insurance company that its own Midnight Blue Carrera GT couldn’t be driven. “They confirmed that we are not allowed to drive the car, a rare occurrence under our policy in such situations,” DK Engineering managing director James Cottingham told Car Throttle.

“We have observed that in the USA, adherence to the campaign appears less stringent,” he said, adding, “This could be attributed to the way insurance works in the ‘States, where third-party insurance is separate from the car itself.”

It’s not all bad news, though, as Cottingham reckons this all presents a golden opportunity for anyone who fancies owning one.

“We believe that this situation caused a slight stagnation in the CGT market, which is understandable, as owners are left wondering what to do with their cars,” he said. “However, we see this as a significant opportunity later this year. The market has slowed after this period, but once the ‘stop drive’ campaign is resolved with Porsche’s recall, people will notice how other models, such as Singer DLSs, [Ferrari] F40s, F50s, and even 918 Spyders, have appreciated in value since the campaign began.

“This will likely lead to a surge in CGT values, accompanied by a sharp increase in demand. As the issue is expected to be resolved in 2024, now is the time to consider purchasing one!”

Carrera GT
Carrera GT (Credits: Stutt Cars)

We’ve contacted a Porsche GB press representative for comment, who told us:

“In the course of internal quality analyses, it was found that in vehicles of the Carrera GT type, chassis components on the front and rear axles do not meet the required specifications for durability. It is possible that the bolts on the trailing arms and wishbone installed on the chassis may be vulnerable to corrosion over the service life of the vehicle.

The durability of these components can, therefore, not be guaranteed. If the bolts on the trailing arms and wishbone break due to corrosion, this can compromise handling and heighten the risk of an accident.

“To avoid any hazards resulting from this, the affected components will be replaced by optimized new components with improved durability.”


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