Significant Savings Await 750,000 Sydney Motorists

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Big savings coming for 750,000 Sydney drivers

The New South Wales Government is anticipating that approximately 750,000 motorists will qualify for the new toll relief cash rebate initiative. This program is being tested over a two-year period, commencing on January 1, 2024. Drivers meeting the eligibility criteria can claim a cash rebate for toll usage exceeding $60 per week per vehicle. The claiming process will commence in April 2024 through Service NSW.

To determine eligibility and enroll in the $60 toll cap rebate program, drivers can visit the Service NSW website. Rebates will be computed on a weekly basis and disbursed quarterly into the designated bank account of the driver. Private-use motorists traveling on any New South Wales toll roads, excluding the M5 South-West (which has its own cashback scheme), are eligible for the rebate. However, the rebate is not applicable to rideshare vehicles, taxis registered to a business or heavy vehicles.

Significant Savings Await 750,000 Sydney Motorists
Significant Savings Await 750,000 Sydney Motorists (Credits: Western Advocate)

The government asserts that drivers spending an average of $200 weekly on tolls can anticipate receiving around $7280 in rebates annually. The rebate is capped at a maximum of $340 per week. Additionally, a separate toll relief scheme for trucks has been introduced to incentivize drivers to use toll roads rather than local streets.

Trucks, whether registered in NSW or interstate, traveling on the M5 East and M8 with a valid E-Toll, Linkt, or Eastlink account are eligible for the truck rebate. The rebate for trucks will be calculated as one-third of the trip total across the M5 East and M8, automatically refunded to the toll account in toll cap credits every quarter.

The government estimates that the truck rebate program will incur a cost of $54 million over the two-year trial period. Acting premier and minister for Western Sydney, Prue Car, emphasized the government’s commitment to alleviating the financial strain on families, particularly in Western Sydney, by implementing a toll cap of $60 per week. This initiative is aligned with the government’s primary objective of addressing the rising cost of living for residents across New South Wales.


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