GM’s Challenges with Ultium Will Not Impact the Launch of Associated Honda and Acura EVs

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GM’s Ultium Woes Won’t Affect Rollout of Related Honda, Acura EVs

Recently, GM faced challenges with software bugs in newer Ultium vehicles, prompting a temporary halt in the sales of the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV. This pause allowed the automaker to address reported quality issues, such as infotainment system crashes and charging infrastructure problems. The Chevy team has been diligently working on updates to resolve these issues.

Despite these challenges, Mamadou Diallo, senior vice president of automobile sales for American Honda, expresses confidence that Honda will not encounter launch delays due to software or other Ultium-related problems. He assures that any software issues will be addressed before Honda deliveries commence, emphasizing Honda’s commitment to quality.

GM's Challenges with Ultium Will Not Impact the Launch of Associated Honda and Acura EVs
GM’s Challenges with Ultium Will Not Impact the Launch of Associated Honda and Acura EVs (Credits: Motor Trend)

The upcoming Honda Prologue is set to debut in dealerships soon, starting with California and later expanding to Texas and Florida, followed by a nationwide rollout. The ZDX is scheduled to hit showrooms in the spring, with online sales for the Acura starting next month, encompassing both the EV and charging packages.

Diallo dismisses concerns about the supply of vehicles from GM, which assembles the Prologue and ZDX, stating that he is not worried about meeting demand. The 2025 Honda Civic hybrid is anticipated to launch in the summer, with hybrid versions of the sedan and hatchback expected to capture 40 percent of sales, utilizing the same hybrid system as the Accord and CR-V.

An intriguing addition to Honda’s lineup is an electric version of the CR-V equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, set to be manufactured in Ohio and available for sale this year. This unique CR-V FCV is also a plug-in hybrid. However, details about retail availability and expected volume remain undisclosed.

Looking ahead to 2025, Honda plans to introduce a new Passport with off-road capability, aligning with the revised Pilot, its three-row sibling. The Odyssey minivan will also receive enhancements in 2025.

Diallo announces an upgrade for owners of 2018-2022 Accords, allowing them to access wireless CarPlay this year. While specific details and pricing for this software-based enhancement will be disclosed later this month, it reflects Honda’s commitment to keeping its vehicles up-to-date.

Reflecting on a successful 2023, Diallo notes that Honda brand sales increased by 32 percent to 1.16 million in the U.S., with Acura sales up by 42 percent. Hybrids accounted for one in four Hondas sold, with the CR-V being the best-selling hybrid and the Accord hybrid sedan being the most popular hybrid car.

Anticipating continued growth, Diallo projects a 10 percent increase in Honda brand sales for 2024, reaching 1.2 million-1.3 million units, while Acura sales are expected to be 150,000. Styling and feature updates to the MDX and RDX are anticipated to contribute to Acura’s sales growth.


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