Sainz Senior Emphasizes the Need for Improvement in 2024 Ferrari

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Sainz’s father says 2024 Ferrari ‘must be better’

Carlos Sainz’s renowned father insists that Ferrari’s 2024 car “must be better,” according to comments made during his current participation in the Dakar Rally. Carlos Sainz’s senior, who is on track to secure his fourth Dakar Rally victory, shared his thoughts, which could be perceived as constructive feedback on Ferrari, as reported by Italy’s Autosprint.

Expressing admiration for his son’s continual improvement, Sainz senior commended Carlos for his ongoing development. Despite being young, Carlos, at 29, has accumulated significant experience, with his father considering this period as the driver’s peak. Sainz’s father emphasized Carlos’s consistent progress, highlighting that, unlike some drivers who plateau, his son continues to evolve each year.

Sainz's Father Insists on Improvement for 2024 Ferrari
Sainz’s Father Insists on Improvement for 2024 Ferrari (Credits: Auto Racing)

Currently, Carlos Sainz is advocating for an extension of his contract with Ferrari beyond 2024. However, rumors suggest that team boss Frederic Vasseur may be contemplating keeping options open at this time.

Sainz senior underscores Ferrari’s primary responsibility as providing his son with a superior car compared to the one he had in 2023. Expressing confidence in Ferrari’s capabilities, he asserted, “I have faith in the fact that Ferrari will be able to take the missing step. The 2024 car must be better, and we hope that leap forward will come.”

Reports from Italian media sources indicate that Ferrari has, at the very least, achieved its goal of reducing the 2024 car’s weight to the legal minimum of 798kg.


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