Ducati Company C4: Short Riding Boots

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Ducati Company C4: low-cut boots

Ducati introduces the Company C4, a pair of low-cut boots ideal for both touring enthusiasts and everyday riders. Crafted in collaboration with Drudi Performance and exclusively powered by Held for Ducati, these boots are tailored for comfort and versatility without compromising safety, as evidenced by their CE 2016/425 certification.

Designed as ankle boots suitable for both touring and urban riding, the Company C4 offers a blend of comfort for extended motorcycle journeys and ease of walking. The use of premium materials, such as microfiber and technical fabric in the upper, along with a mixed lace/Velcro closure, ensures a snug fit and convenience.

Ducati Company C4: Ankle-Length Riding Boots
Ducati Company C4: Ankle-Length Riding Boots (Credits: Motorcycle Boots)

The inclusion of a GORE-TEX membrane adds to the boot’s adaptability, making it waterproof and breathable for all-weather use—keeping riders comfortable in varying conditions.

The Vibram® rubber sole provides a non-slip and abrasion-resistant foundation, offering reliable support and safeguarding through ankle cups and reinforced heel and toe sections. Reflective inserts are strategically placed on the boots to enhance rider visibility and overall safety.

The Company C4 is a harmonious combination of comfort, practicality, and safety, providing riders with a reliable option for daily use and instilling confidence in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

These new Ducati Company C4 boots are readily available at authorized Ducati dealerships and can be purchased through the official Ducati online store at Shop.Ducati.com.


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