Explosion of Component on Formula E Car Precedes Race

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Part on Formula E Car Explodes Before Race

As Sergio Sette Camara approached the starting point of the Mexico City E-Prix in his Formula E car last week, he encountered unexpected trouble. A red light illuminated his car, prompting him to swiftly exit. Shortly thereafter, an unidentified component exploded, causing significant damage to the vehicle, as reported by e-Formula.news.

The incident marked a challenging beginning for Electric Racing Technologies (ERT), formerly known as NIO 333, in the 2024 Formula E season. The Mexico City E-Prix, serving as the inaugural race of the year, saw Sergio Sette Camara’s ERT car unable to reach the starting grid.

Explosion of Component on Formula E Car Precedes Race
Explosion of Component on Formula E Car Precedes Race (Credits: Design Boom)

Describing the incident, Camara informed Motorsport.com, as cited by e.Formula.news and MotorsportWeek, “There was a very loud noise at the back of the car. That was definitely a bigger problem. There was smoke, and I saw the red light on the car, which indicated that the car was not safe.

Then I jumped out of the car.” Although the exact part and the root cause of the failure remain unknown, signs point to it being a component associated with the battery. Sette Camara shared his perspective on Instagram, stating, “Battery blew up before the race even started. Gutted. But having seen the damage to the car and understanding what could have happened, I’m just glad I’m ok!”

A statement from the FIA to e-Formula.news also hints at a battery-related issue, stating, “Together with the single supplier for Formula E batteries (WAE) and ERT Formula E Team, we are currently investigating the cause of the issue.

Further information will be shared in due course.” If the issue is indeed related to the battery, it will mark the second such incident in recent months. In October, during pre-season testing in Valencia, a battery fire in the garage of battery supplier WAE led to the suspension of all testing for a couple of days.

While contemporary auto racing has significantly enhanced safety compared to the past, incidents like these underscore the importance of addressing battery-related challenges. Drivers do not anticipate their cars to spontaneously explode or catch fire, emphasizing the need to resolve these issues promptly. The positive note is that no injuries were reported in this latest incident, and the hope is that such occurrences will be prevented in the future.

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