Testing Underway for the Sportier Sibling: The Alpine A290, Based on the Renault 5

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New Alpine A290: the Renault 5’s sportier cousin goes testing

The A290β, the anticipated Alpine EV hatch, has been spotted undergoing winter testing, revealing its design alignment with the upcoming Renault 5 EV. Set to hit the market in 2024, the production model remains true to the concept, showcasing the distinctive front and rear bumpers and bodywork that distinguish the Alpine from its Renault counterpart.

While the A290β retains the A290 concept’s wheel styling, it introduces practical rear doors and shifts to a more conventional seating layout, emphasizing both sportiness and versatility.

Derived from the A290_β concept, itself based on Renault’s 5 EV concept, the production model will be officially named A290. Alpine plans to launch it ahead of the Renault variant and anticipates it as the pioneer in a seven-car EV lineup by 2030.

Alpine A290
Alpine A290 (Credits: Car Magazine)

The A290 will feature a single front motor, ensuring front-wheel drive. In contrast to the two-door concept, the production model will adopt a conventional seating arrangement with rear doors, offering a more accessible and practical design. The car’s compact dimensions, weighing around 1500kg, place it between the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Honda E.

Inside, the A290 promises a sports-oriented experience with features such as a physical handbrake, sports seats, and a squared-off steering wheel. The rear suspension is multi-link, and driving modes switch between comfort and dynamic, with a focus on agile driving pleasure on twisty roads. Alpine is fine-tuning torque management and sound design, aiming to deliver a dynamic appeal without mimicking combustion engine sounds.

Manufactured alongside the Megane E-Tech at Renault’s Douai factory, the A290 is poised to continue Alpine’s legacy of sporty, lightweight vehicles. While pricing and performance details are yet to be revealed, Alpine assures enthusiasts that the A290 maintains the brand’s commitment to sportivity, drawing parallels to the A110.

Following the A290, Alpine’s future plans include a ‘crossover GT’ codenamed DZ110, expected in 2025, and an electric replacement for the A110. Additionally, Alpine is exploring hydrogen internal combustion engines, indicating a commitment to diverse eco-friendly solutions beyond EVs. The A290_β concept provides a glimpse into Alpine’s electrified future, showcasing a captivating blend of design, performance, and sustainability. Stay tuned for further updates on Alpine’s innovative endeavors.


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