What Exactly Does the Hyundai NPX1 Entail?

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What Exactly Does the Hyundai NPX1 Entail?
What Exactly Does the Hyundai NPX1 Entail? (Credits: YouTube)

The upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon isn’t just reserved for Japanese automakers to showcase their latest creations; Hyundai, too, is set to make a statement with its new offering from the N division, known as the NPX1.

While the exact details of this creation remain a mystery, it’s confirmed to be based on the Ioniq 5 N, albeit with several noticeable modifications.

A teaser image reveals some of the key enhancements, including a strikingly large rear wing, more aggressive bumpers featuring carbon fiber additions, and extended side skirts.

What Exactly Does the Hyundai NPX1 Entail
What Exactly Does the Hyundai NPX1 Entail? (Credits: HT Auto)

While initial speculation leans towards an even more performance-oriented version of the Ioniq 5 N, akin to Toyota’s occasional release of GRMN variants, it might seem a bit premature given that the base model has recently hit the market with a formidable 641bhp.

An alternative possibility is that the NPX1 could be the race car Hyundai had previously announced. Intended for a dedicated one-make racing series in Korea, the Ioniq 5 eN1 race car is expected to undergo typical motorsport upgrades such as stiffer suspension, a roll cage, and an extensive aero kit.

However, a comparison of the teasers with previously released renders suggests a potential mismatch.

An intriguing clue lies within the teaser video’s description, which includes ‘#NPerformanceParts.’ This suggests that the NPX1 might serve as a demonstration model for a new line of optional extras available for Ioniq 5 customers.

Hyundai has employed a similar strategy before, notably with the i30 N, where the introduction of performance parts transformed the car into a touring car-inspired model.

If this speculation holds true, the NPX1 could indeed be audacious in its design, even though it might not offer any additional performance benefits.

The presence of ‘NPerformanceParts’ suggests a showcase for new alloy wheels and interior components that could soon be available for purchase. The official reveal of the NPX1 is set for Friday at 2:30 am, providing eager enthusiasts with the answers they seek.


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