Is the £45,000 Price Tag Justified for This Immaculate Honda Integra Type R?

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Is This Pristine Honda Integra Type R Really Worth £45,000?

Even in the present day, the DC2 Honda Integra Type R continues to be acknowledged as one of the finest front-wheel-drive cars ever produced.

Making its debut in the UK in 1998, it marked the introduction of a compact Type R variant to these shores, and its reception was nothing short of exceptional. Today, a remarkably well-preserved specimen of this iconic vehicle is available for purchase, albeit at a staggering price.

To get straight to the point, this pristine Integra, offered through 4Star Classics on Car and Classic, comes with a hefty price tag of £44,995. In 1999, when it was brand new, the cost was a modest £19,500 – equivalent to approximately £35,000 in today’s currency. For comparison, one could acquire a brand-new FL5 Civic Type R for £49,995.

Is the £45,000 Price Tag Justified for This Immaculate Honda Integra Type R?
Is the £45,000 Price Tag Justified for This Immaculate Honda Integra Type R? (Credits: Piston Heads)

Before dismissing this as extravagant, it’s important to note that this might be the closest one can get to a factory-fresh DC2 Integra still cruising the roads.

It boasts a mere 12,318 miles on the odometer, a testament to the careful ownership by just two individuals. The meticulous service records from 2000 to 2016, with only one missed interval in 2005, further add to its allure.

After being in storage for the past seven years, the vehicle underwent a 2023 major service, including a cambelt change, covering a minimal 59 miles. One can reasonably assume that the original 187bhp from its VTEC-heavy B18C engine has remained largely intact.

While it falls short of being in the iconic Championship White, the Starlight Black paintwork remains flawless, and the decals, often prone to fading, appear as vibrant as the day the car was first purchased.

The interior is a preserved relic, with part-Alcantara seats showing no signs of wear or fading, as if they have been shielded with plastic covers during the limited time on the road.

The steering wheel maintains a like-new matte finish, and original Type R floor mats and a space-saver spare wheel are still present – a true testament to the vehicle’s well-preserved state. Driving on a 25-year-old rubber is not ideal, considering its age.

Yet, the question arises – is £44,995 a justifiable price for a 25-year-old Honda that isn’t an NSX? For us, it’s a steep figure to digest. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if a well-heeled collector with a meticulously controlled storage facility decides to acquire this gem in the near future.

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