Gem from the Junkyard: 2008 Suzuki XL-7

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Junkyard Gem: 2008 Suzuki XL-7

In 2012, the American Suzuki Motor Corporation underwent a significant event by declaring bankruptcy. The subsequent year marked the conclusion of the sales of their final Kizashis, SX4s, and Grand Vitaras.

Preceding this development, Suzuki had, for about a decade, incorporated several rebadged Daewoos into their lineup. Yet, South Korea wasn’t the sole provider of assistance for Suzuki; they also benefited from support within the broader GM Empire.

Suzuki made use of the Saturn Vue platform, which made its debut in 2002, in various other vehicles, including the second-generation XL-7. Recently, one such vehicle was unearthed in a self-service vehicle graveyard in Denver.

Gem from the Junkyard: 2008 Suzuki XL-7
Gem from the Junkyard: 2008 Suzuki XL-7 (Credits: Auto Blog)

The XL-7 name had been utilized before 2007 for an elongated version of the Grand Vitara, featuring a body-on-frame design—a creation entirely attributable to Suzuki.

The XL-7, produced from 2007 through 2009, boasted a distinctive appearance when compared to its closest relatives, the Saturn Vue, Pontiac Torrent, and Chevrolet Equinox.

The assembly of these vehicles took place at CAMI Assembly, Ontario, a birthplace that had previously seen the creation of numerous Geo Metros and Suzuki Swifts.

Under the hood, the XL-7 housed a 3.6-liter variant of the 60° High Feature V6, delivering 252 horsepower and 243 pound-feet of torque.

This vehicle was exclusively offered with a five-speed automatic transmission.

The specific car in question is a standard model featuring a front-wheel-drive layout and a five-passenger seating capacity. Its original selling price was $21,599, equivalent to about $34,419 in 2024.

Notably, it came equipped with a radio featuring an AUX input, an unusual feature for cars in 2008.

Inside the car, a unique discovery was made in the form of a poignant note, raising the intriguing question: Does the Tooth Fairy reward children who forcibly extract and steal other children’s teeth?

The vehicle possesses attributes akin to a Suzuki motorcycle but with an enhanced cargo capacity.

It appears that bikers accustomed to Suzuki motorcycles can recognize a quality SUV when they encounter one. Little did they anticipate that, in no time, motorcycles and ATVs would become the sole new Suzukis available in the market.

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