The 996 Porsche 911: Geared Up for Adventure with the Kalmar RS-6

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The Kalmar RS-6 Is An Adventure-Ready 996 Porsche 911

Looking to experience off-roading in a Porsche 911 without breaking the bank on a new Dakar model or a classic air-cooled safari build? Worry not, as Kalmar Automotive has a solution tailored for those with a slightly more constrained budget.

Meet the Kalmar RS-6, though we’re uncertain about Audi’s sentiments regarding the name. For those unfamiliar with Kalmar, it’s a Danish specialist with two distinct lines of modified Porsches.

The 7-97 series offers a ‘backdated,’ restomodded 964- or 993-generation air-cooled 911, similar to companies like Singer. On the other hand, their Adventure range focuses on modifying various Porsches for light-to-medium off-roading.

The latest addition to this lineup is the RS-6, based on the 996, the initial water-cooled 911 model. And it looks truly remarkable.

996 Porsche 911
996 Porsche 911 (Credits: Goodwood)

The RS-6 is Kalmar’s response to the escalating prices of 964 and 993 donor cars, providing a more affordable entry into the realm of off-road 911s.

While customization options abound for buyers, some features are standard, such as a bespoke limited-slip rear differential and a specially-developed suspension setup with ‘inverted’ front shocks.

This setup provides a ground clearance of 210mm, equivalent to a second-gen Cayenne. All vehicles come equipped with all-terrain or spiked winter tires and robust underside protection.

For those seeking additional enhancements, Kalmar offers an adaptive shock absorber setup that adjusts valving on the fly to suit different surfaces. There’s also a hydraulic lift system for dropping the ride height by 50mm during on-road driving.

For serious expeditions or a stylish appearance, a survival kit on a rack atop the 911’s rear features jerry cans and space for a spare wheel. The RS-6 also boasts auxiliary LED roof lights, essential for maximum off-road credibility. Buyers can collaborate with Kalmar to create a personalized paint job or livery, though the retro-tastic scheme on the launch car is rather appealing.

Inside, sound deadening and trim are replaced with what Kalmar terms ‘purposeful upgrades.’ Those planning to race their RS-6 can opt for a full roll cage, fly-off handbrake, and a competition timing system.

Kalmar can base RS-6s on Carrera 2, Carrera 4, and Turbo versions of the 996, with the potential to increase power beyond 500bhp. This adventurous model joins Kalmar’s lineup of off-road versions of various Porsches. The starting price for this ‘budget’ off-road 911 begins at €45,000, excluding the base car or taxes, which translates to approximately £38,500 at the time of writing.

Considering that well-maintained 996s are available for around £12,000, obtaining an overland-spec, water-cooled 911 for £50-60k seems reasonable (assuming tolerance for a Tiptronic gearbox and the potential for IMS bearing failure).

While not exactly a budget-friendly option, it remains a practical alternative when compared to the steep price tag of a new 911 Dakar, which can easily exceed £250k.


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