The Latest Update for Gran Turismo 7 Introduces the Suzuki Jimny

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Gran Turismo 7’s Newest Update Brings The Suzuki Jimny

Gran Turismo 7’s initial update for 2024 has arrived, and as anticipated, it brings a rather modest addition to the game.

Since the substantial Spec II update in early November, which captivated players with its extensive features, the absence of fresh content hasn’t been as noticeable. However, amidst the existing array, there is a particular vehicle within a new trio that has stirred curiosity.

Indeed, your eyes do not deceive you; a Suzuki Jimny has made its debut. In a series known for its diverse and extensive car lineup, reaching over 1,200 at GT6’s launch, it is noteworthy that this marks the first appearance of any version of the 4×4 in a Gran Turismo title.

The Latest Update for Gran Turismo 7 Introduces the Suzuki Jimny
The Latest Update for Gran Turismo 7 Introduces the Suzuki Jimny (Credits: Carscoops)

The virtual rendition of the JDM-spec Jimny XC, representing the Kei version of the 4×4, stands out. Equipped with a 658cc turbocharged three-cylinder engine, it distinguishes itself from the European-spec 1.5-litre Jimny by omitting extra arch extensions and larger bumpers.

While GT7 permits engine swaps, typically, cars added in one update must wait for two or three subsequent updates before such options become available.

Therefore, the possibility of a Pikes Peak Escudo transplant may be a hopeful prospect later in the year. Notably, official screengrabs from Polyphony showcase the potential for significant bodywork modifications, including the addition of a front bash plate.

Accompanying the Jimny are two Vision Gran Turismo cars, originating from a program designed specifically for the game. The first is the anticipated Genesis X Berlinetta, powered by Hyundai’s Lambda II engine, found in the Kia Stinger GT.

Coupled with a Yasa electric motor, it boasts a total of 1071bhp and 986lb ft of torque. While a tangible show car exists, it is non-drivable, making GT7 the exclusive platform to experience it.

The second addition comes from an unexpected source – Bvlgari, the renowned watchmaker. This unique car, inspired by the Bvlgari Aluminium watch from 1998 (a year prior to the first Gran Turismo release), has already been revealed.

While this update does not introduce new tracks, a fresh Scapes location at a Japanese petrol station has been included, along with two additional races. Available as a free download on both PlayStation 4 and 5, Gran Turismo 7’s 1.42 update will be accessible starting January 25, around 8 am GMT.


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