Ferrari Is Diving Into The World Of Boat Racing

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Ferrari Is Diving Into The World Of Boat Racing

The year 2023 presented a mixed bag for Ferrari’s ventures in motorsport. Undoubtedly, the pinnacle came at Le Mans, where its new 499P Hypercar secured top honors on its debut in the prestigious 24-hour race.

On the other hand, the Formula 1 team experienced a challenging season, securing just one win amid the dominance of Red Bull and the inevitable force that is Max Verstappen. Eager for a more positive outcome in 2024, Ferrari is venturing into an unexpected realm of racing.

Surprisingly, Ferrari has announced its entry into the world of sailing, signaling its intent to build its own boat for competition. While details remain scarce, the company has expressed its commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance at sea, generating innovations and sustainable solutions.

Ferrari Ventures into the Realm of Boat Racing
Ferrari Ventures into the Realm of Boat Racing (Credits: Car Throttle)

In alignment with Ferrari’s tradition, these developments are expected to play a pivotal role in shaping the evolution of its sports cars. The prospect of an amphibious 296 GTB adds an intriguing layer to this maritime endeavor.

Notably, Giovanni Soldini, a highly regarded Italian ocean navigator, has joined Ferrari as the team principal for its sailing project. Soldini is enthusiastic about the collaboration, describing it as an exciting adventure that involves an innovative and technologically advanced project with significant potential.

The collaboration aims to bring together diverse expertise and skills at the highest level, with a focus on developing environmentally respectful solutions.

A teaser video titled “A new Ferrari story” has surfaced, providing a glimpse into the unconventional venture. The description hints at taking the race to uncharted territories, accompanied by a brief appearance of what appears to be the keel of a racing yacht.

Despite the anticipation surrounding Ferrari’s foray into sailing, one must navigate through some promotional content, including references to the brand’s racing DNA surging through everything it does. Acknowledging the ambition of setting sights on new horizons, the teaser showcases the vast ocean as a symbolic backdrop.

While Ferrari’s entry into sailing may seem unprecedented, it is not the first instance of a car manufacturer exploring maritime pursuits. In 2019, Lexus unveiled the Y650, a 65-foot luxury yacht, although it did not transition into a racing effort.

Interestingly, Ferrari has a historical connection with boats, having supplied a Tipo V12 for the Arno XI, which set a world speed record for 800kg-class hydroplanes in 1952 – a tidbit for enthusiasts engaging in pub trivia discussions.


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