Ford Provides $1000 Incentive to Jeep Owners Purchasing a Bronco

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Ford (Credits: Road & Track)

Ever since its reemergence in the market for the 2021 model year, the Ford Bronco has consistently targeted the Jeep brand in the competitive off-road SUV segment.

Ford has successfully enticed loyal Jeep enthusiasts away from the iconic seven-barred grille, and in 2024, the automaker aims to make the decision even more compelling with the introduction of a new incentive program.

Referred to as the Jeep Competitive Conquest Bonus Cash offer, eligible Jeep owners in specific regions now have the opportunity to receive a discount of up to $1000 on the purchase of a Bronco or Bronco Sport, as reported by Ford Authority.

According to CarsDirect, this program signifies a shift in Ford’s approach to the Bronco models, which, until now, had not been subject to similar discounts during their production run.

Ford (Credits: Road & Track)

The full-size Bronco, in particular, continues to command high prices on showroom floors, with dealer markups being a common occurrence. However, this scenario changes for current Jeep owners in various regions across the U.S., where Ford is offering a $1000 contribution towards the acquisition of a new Bronco product.

This substantial discount is applicable to customers in the Chicago, New York, and Phoenix regions. Buyers in Atlanta and Dallas also qualify for the program, although Ford’s contribution is capped at $500.

The offer covers both 2024 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport models, as well as any remaining 2023 models available in dealer inventory. It’s worth noting that the discount is not extended to all Bronco models, with the desert-oriented Raptor variant remaining exempt from this incentive.

To be eligible for the program, a buyer only needs to own a Jeep from the 1995 model year or later. Importantly, there is no requirement to trade in or sell the Jeep to qualify, and the offer is transferable to any individual sharing the official address with the Jeep owner.

Ford’s approach in this incentive program is characterized by its generosity and flexibility, although the actual impact it will have on consumer decisions remains uncertain.

Given the limited availability and dealer markups associated with the Bronco models, the $1000 discount may not stretch as far as some buyers might hope.

Nevertheless, Ford’s commitment to maintaining pressure on its crosstown rivals, especially Jeep, is evident in its continued efforts to make the Bronco an appealing choice in the competitive off-road SUV market.

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