The Latest VW Golf GTI 8.5 Arrives Boasting 261bhp and Without a Manual Option

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The New VW Golf GTI 8.5 Is Here With 261bhp And No Manual

The Volkswagen Golf is undergoing a mid-life update, though it might not be immediately apparent. This refresh, while subtle in appearance, brings about significant changes that enhance the overall driving experience.

One notable modification is the replacement of the intricate haptic touchpad on the steering wheel of the pre-facelift Golf 8 with practical physical buttons. Additionally, a new touchscreen infotainment system, measuring up to 12.9 inches depending on trim and options, has been introduced.

This system, previously used in the ID.7, features VW’s updated MIB4 software, representing a notable improvement over its predecessor. Although it still controls climate settings, the temperature shortcut keys on the bezel are now backlit, addressing a previous oversight in the Golf 8.

The Latest VW Golf GTI 8.5 Arrives Boasting 261bhp and Without a Manual Option
The Latest VW Golf GTI 8.5 Arrives Boasting 261bhp and Without a Manual Option (Credits: MotorTrend)

Beyond these interior updates, there’s exciting news for the Mk8.5 Golf GTI, as it receives a substantial power increase from 242bhp to 261bhp. While specific performance figures are yet to be disclosed, a reasonable expectation would be a reduction in the 0-62mph time, possibly by at least a tenth of a second.

Regrettably, the GTI will no longer offer a six-speed manual option, as it is now exclusively paired with the seven-speed DSG automatic. This shift is attributed to Euro7 emissions regulations, which were stringent in their earlier form.

Although the regulations have been eased recently, Volkswagen was unable to reverse this decision in time. Despite a 50% manual preference among American GTI buyers, global demand for manual transmissions remained at a modest five percent.

In terms of the facelift, the exterior sees a new front bumper with two body-colored aero elements, providing a more balanced look to the lower grille. The light-up VW badge is a topic of contention, but the redesigned front and rear light clusters receive widespread approval. Additionally, a new 19-inch teledial-style wheel option adds a touch of sophistication.

For those not opting for the GTI, the Golf range offers various alternatives. The entry-level 1.0-litre inline-three petrol engines have been replaced by a 1.5-litre inline-four producing 113bhp, with a 148bhp version also available. Both versions come with six-speed manual gearboxes, while mild-hybrid variants with the same power outputs are linked to seven-speed dual-clutch transmissions.

Plug-in hybrid options, utilizing a 1.5-litre inline-four and a significantly larger 19.7kWh battery, offer an electric-only range of up to 62 miles. The eHybrid produces 148bhp, while the GTE delivers a commendable 197bhp.

Diesel enthusiasts can choose from two 2.0-litre TDI engines, generating 113bhp or 148bhp. The former comes with a six-speed manual gearbox, while the latter is paired with a seven-speed DSG.

Excitingly, enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of GTI Clubsport, R, and R estate versions of the Mk8.5 in the future, although the GTD will not be making a return this time.

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