Opel Revives Frontera Nameplate for All-New Electric SUV.

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Opel Revives Frontera Nameplate for All-New Electric SUV.
Vauxhall Takes a Nostalgic Turn to the '90s, Bringing Back the Frontera. (Credits: Instagram)

Opel has officially announced the revival of another iconic nameplate from the 1990s – the Frontera. The returning model is set to make a comeback as an all-electric SUV. While Opel has shared a couple of images, specific details about the vehicle remain limited at this stage. The company asserts that the all-electric Frontera will embody a “new rugged interpretation of Opel’s bold and pure design philosophy.”

Examining the images unveiled today, it appears that this interpretation will likely manifest in angular bodywork featuring ample plastic cladding and a slightly elevated suspension. Upon closer inspection, one might discern a subtle resemblance to the older Jeep Grand Cherokee in the profile of the new Frontera.

Opel Revives Frontera Nameplate for All-New Electric SUV.

Noteworthy is the fact that the Frontera will be the inaugural vehicle from Opel to proudly showcase the latest iteration of the company logo, referred to as Blitz. A glimpse of this new logo is provided in one of the teaser images alongside an LED headlight.

Opel assures prospective buyers that the electric Frontera will offer generous and versatile interior space, catering to both families and individuals with active lifestyles.

The original Opel Frontera made its debut in Europe in 1991 and remained in production for seven years. The second generation, known as Frontera B, had a shorter production span and was discontinued in 2004.

Beyond Europe, the vehicle was recognized as the Isuzu MU in a 3-door variant and the MU Wizard in a 5-door SUV configuration in Japan. In North America, it went by the name Isuzu Amigo and, interestingly, had a brief stint as the Honda Jazz – a reminder that the Jazz used to be an SUV.

Fast-forward to the 2024 Frontera: Opel has announced that the new vehicle is scheduled for an official release later this year. Given Opel’s affiliation with the Stellantis conglomerate, there’s speculation that the Frontera could be based on the recently introduced STLA Large EV platform.

This would entail sharing components with the new Jeep Wagoneer S, potentially resulting in a larger vehicle compared to the outgoing Crossland.

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