Complete Two-Stroke Overhaul of 1995 Honda CR250R

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Complete Two-Stroke Overhaul of 1995 Honda CR250R
Complete Two-Stroke Overhaul of 1995 Honda CR250R (Credits: Dirt Bike Magazine)

In this week’s edition of 2-Stroke Tuesday, we are thrilled to showcase the most recent complete rebuild project undertaken by Jay Clark and his dedicated team.

The spotlight falls on a 1995 Honda CR250R, one of five bikes undergoing restoration by Clark, and its aesthetic exudes the unmistakable early ’90s Jeremy McGrath influence. While anticipation builds for the unveiling of the other four, join us in exploring the intricate details of this magnificent machine.

Jay Clark, surrounded by his enthusiastic crew, proudly presents his latest masterpiece, leaving no doubt that the satisfaction derived from completing this project is reflected in the beaming smiles all around.

Complete Two-Stroke Overhaul of 1995 Honda CR250R
Complete Two-Stroke Overhaul of 1995 Honda CR250R (Credits: 2-Stroke Tuesday

Internally, the engine underwent a comprehensive rebuild featuring Pro X components, with the cylinder benefiting from re-plating courtesy of Millennium Technologies and fine-tuning by Tom Morgan Racing.

The crank received expert attention from Andrew Langston, ensuring optimal performance. Enhancing the engine’s aesthetics, the Specbolt Nickel Wurks kit adds a touch of elegance to the hardware.

Acknowledging the contributions of industry leaders, the rebuild incorporates top-notch products from renowned companies such as Wiseco, Pro-X, Decal Works, Works Connection, Dunlop, FMF, Rekluse, IMS, Specbolt, Race Tech, ODI, Sano Metal Finishing, TMR, VP Racing Fuels, and more.

IMS Products stands out as a company unwavering in its commitment to producing quality products for ’90s two-stroke machines, and their continued contribution to the industry is evident in this rebuild.

The innovative Fasst Co kit, eliminating the need for a separate return spring, adds both functionality and aesthetics to the overall design. A visual treat awaits enthusiasts with a stunning side shot capturing the essence of the two-stroke engine, presented as a true work of art.

As we conclude this showcase, we invite you to revel in the essence of the two-stroke experience with a visit to our exclusive “TWO-STROKE THEATER.” Stay tuned for more exhilarating builds and stories from the world of motocross and two-stroke enthusiasts.

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