The Reasons for Ferrari’s Lack of Communication Regarding Sainz’s Formula 1 Future

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What’s behind Ferrari’s silence on Sainz’s F1 future

Sainz has been vocal about not wanting to enter the 2024 season without clarity on his Formula 1 future beyond the current year.

In an interview with last June, he expressed discomfort about heading into the final year of a contract without knowing where he would be racing the following year. He emphasized the importance of resolving his future during the winter break.

This stance aligns with Ferrari’s preference, as team boss Fred Vasseur had indicated the goal of finalizing contracts for both Ferrari drivers before resuming racing activities.

Despite being a few weeks away from the provisional deadline for Sainz and Ferrari, the team chose to announce Charles Leclerc’s contract extension alone, leading to speculation about the status of Sainz’s negotiations.

The Reasons for Ferrari's Lack of Communication Regarding Sainz's Formula 1 Future
The Reasons for Ferrari’s Lack of Communication Regarding Sainz’s Formula 1 Future (Credits: Motorsport)

Reports suggest that Sainz is seeking a two-year extension, extending his contract until the end of the 2026 season, but an agreement appears to be distant. While discussions continue, there are murmurs in the background about Alex Albon being considered as a serious alternative, given his reported contract status with Williams.

It’s worth noting that Ferrari often announces drivers individually rather than simultaneously. There is still ample time for Ferrari to secure Sainz’s deal after confirming Leclerc’s situation, providing the team with driver stability for at least the next two years.

From Ferrari’s perspective, Sainz has proven himself over three seasons, forming a strong partnership with Leclerc. The negotiations, however, seem to be taking longer than anticipated, leading to speculation about the reasons behind the delay.

Sainz finds himself in a stronger negotiating position compared to his previous contract renewal in April 2022. With his consistent performances and improved standing, he likely seeks better terms, not only financially but also regarding contract duration and other elements.

Ferrari’s decision not to disclose the duration of Leclerc’s contract adds to the speculation about the team’s long-term strategy. If, as speculated, Leclerc’s agreement extends until the end of 2027, it could impact Sainz’s role within the team.

Despite the ongoing negotiations, both parties recognize the mutual benefits of continuing their partnership for the 2025/26 period. However, reaching a deal may require compromises from both sides as talks persist.

In case of an impasse, it becomes essential to explore alternative options available in the market.

With Lando Norris committing to McLaren, Alex Albon emerges as a potential candidate for Ferrari, offering technical knowledge and familiarity with the workings of top teams. Albon, currently with Williams, has expressed openness to exploring opportunities on the market.

While considering an alternative driver does not necessarily signal the end of Sainz’s F1 career, sticking together with Ferrari provides more assurances for both parties. Sainz has been linked to other teams like Audi and Aston Martin, but the partnership with Ferrari remains a strong option for the future.


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