Hyundai Casper EV to Arrive in Europe Later This Year

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Hyundai Casper EV Set For European Launch Later This year

Hyundai is diligently working on introducing a compact electric car tailored for the European market, a move that is expected to offer an enticing price proposition. The focus is on transforming an existing model, the Casper, into a fully electric vehicle.

The Casper, originally unveiled in 2021 as a 3.61-meter-long and playfully designed hatchback, features a blend of cheerful aesthetics and crossover elements.

While currently available only with combustion engines in Hyundai’s home country, South Korea, the Casper is poised to make its way to Europe with an all-electric powertrain.

Hyundai Casper EV to Arrive in Europe Later This Year
Hyundai Casper EV to Arrive in Europe Later This Year (Credits: Info Bartonville)

Recent spy shots taken in northern Sweden reveal a camouflaged Hyundai Casper, suggesting ongoing testing despite the model’s presence for a few years. Observations beneath the car hint at the housing for the battery pack, with the test model featuring a likely transition from an open grille to a predominantly closed panel at the front.

The exterior design of the electric Casper aligns with its Korean counterpart, sporting two-tiered front lighting with flat LED daytime running lights positioned high on the snout and a layer below incorporating the main round headlights.

The rear lights, situated just below the rear window, exhibit a diminishing number of segments towards the center.

Speculation surrounding Hyundai’s plans to introduce an electric version of the Casper in Europe is dispelled by confirmation from Lioniel French Keogh, head of Hyundai’s French department.

The electric variant of the Casper is slated to become Hyundai’s most budget-friendly electric car in the European market, positioning itself as a direct competitor to models like the Dacia Spring and the Citroën ë-C3.

Notably, Hyundai is expected to keep the Casper distinct from its Ioniq line in Europe, as the latter comprises models specifically designed as electric vehicles without combustion engine counterparts.

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