The Unveiling of Bugatti Chiron’s Successor Scheduled for Mid-2024

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Bugatti Chiron’s Successor Set To Debut Mid-2024

The successor to the Bugatti Chiron hypercar is set to be unveiled in mid-2024, with a market launch scheduled for 2026, as confirmed by Bugatti-Rimac CEO Mate Rimac during the company’s World Partner Meeting in November 2023.

The Chiron’s replacement, designed by the recently retired chief Achim Anscheidt, will maintain Bugatti’s iconic design elements, including the distinctive horseshoe grille and the renowned ‘Bugatti line.’

The Unveiling of Bugatti Chiron's Successor Scheduled for Mid-2024
The Unveiling of Bugatti Chiron’s Successor is Scheduled for Mid-2024 (Credits: Supercar Blondie)

Anscheidt, who continues to serve as an advisor to Mate Rimac, expressed excitement about the project, stating, “It’s going to be amazing, proportionally, technologically, in terms of innovation, in terms of unexpectedness. It’s going to blow people out of the water completely, and it’s a true joy to work on this.”

The Chiron’s successor will depart from the traditional W16 engine and instead adopt a hybrid-assisted petrol V8. The prototype tooling has already been delivered, with production tooling expected to arrive in the coming months, according to Achim Anscheidt.

Bugatti spokesperson Nicole Auger also confirmed that the replacement for the sold-out 1,500-hp Bugatti Chiron hypercar will be unveiled in mid-2024, leading up to its market launch in 2026.

Mate Rimac shared a glimpse of the upcoming Bugatti Chiron’s successor during the World Partner Meeting in Berlin, expressing eagerness to reveal the culmination of years of hard work.

The CEO’s Instagram post hinted at the emotional significance of the occasion, emphasizing the anticipation surrounding the unveiling of Bugatti’s highly anticipated hypercar.

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