Bottas Urges Sauber to Elevate Performance in F1 2024

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Sauber needs to “step up” in F1 2024, says Bottas

In its final season operating under the Alfa Romeo banner, the team endured a disappointing campaign, finishing a lackluster ninth in the world championship standings. Valtteri Bottas managed to secure two eighth-place finishes while his teammate Zhou Guanyu struggled, never achieving a better-than-ninth position.

However, with the imminent transition to a new identity ahead of Audi’s entry in 2026, there’s a renewed sense of optimism within the team. The unveiling of their interim fluorescent green and black livery signals a fresh start, prompting hopes for a better showing this season.

“Entering our third season together, we have to set ambitious goals,” stated Bottas. “I have high expectations. Last year, we fell short of our targets, and it’s crucial that we rectify that now. The changes happening within the team instill confidence in me.”

“We’ve bolstered our resources across various departments, and our new identity, along with the revamped car, signifies a significant shift. I believe we’re on a promising trajectory,” he continued.

Bottas Urges Sauber to Elevate Performance in F1 2024
Bottas Urges Sauber to Elevate Performance in F1 2024 (Credits: Autosport)

Bottas emphasized the significance of the team’s visual overhaul, noting how it mirrors their forward-thinking approach. “The fresh look symbolizes our outlook for the future. It’s invigorating. Our mindset has evolved, and even my hair has adapted to the change in color! It’s indicative of the positive direction we’re heading in.”

“However, aesthetics aside, performance remains paramount. Ultimately, our focus is on ensuring the car is competitive and delivering as a cohesive unit,” Bottas emphasized.

Zhou shares Bottas’s optimism, particularly as he anticipates competing in his home race in China for the first time. “We’ve dedicated significant effort since last season, particularly in analyzing areas for improvement. Now, it’s about translating those insights into on-track performance. While expectations are high, our true position will only become evident once we hit the circuit.”

“Considerable work has gone into developing the new car, and I’m eager to put it through its paces,” Zhou added confidently.


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