Stellantis and Renault Have No Intention of Merging

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Stellantis And Renault Has No Plans To Merge

Reports circulating suggest that Stellantis and Renault could be contemplating a merger down the line, yet Stellantis has categorically denied any such intentions.

Italian media has been abuzz with speculation about a potential collaboration between Stellantis and Renault in the foreseeable future.

Despite their history as formidable rivals, notably during the PSA versus Régie Renault era, there’s talk, particularly fueled by the French government’s perspective, that merging the two could be advantageous in the face of mounting competition from China.

Stellantis and Renault Have No Intention of Merging
Stellantis and Renault Have No Intention of Merging (Credits: Car Sales)

The French government, a significant stakeholder in Renault, is purportedly advocating for this move, as reported by Il Messaggero.

However, Stellantis, represented by chairman John Elkann, has swiftly quashed these rumors. Elkann, quoting the grandson of Gianni Agnelli, has unequivocally stated that there are no ongoing discussions or plans within Stellantis to merge with other automakers, as reported by Reuters.

Despite recent remarks by Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares hinting at the potential necessity of mergers to navigate challenges like the emergence of Chinese manufacturers amidst the shift towards electric vehicle models, there’s been a firm denial from the company’s top echelons.

Tavares did express his concerns regarding Renault’s vulnerability owing to its relatively modest size, particularly highlighting the increasing reliance on Renault within the Chinese market.

However, Tavares has not endorsed the idea of Renault pursuing electric vehicle development through a separate division, such as Renault’s Ampère branch.

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