Key Legal Figures Depart from FIA’s Formula 1 Division: A Transition Towards New Challenges and Restructuring Initiatives

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FIA’s top F1 legal players leave organisation

Pierre Ketterer, the Governance and Regulatory Director, and Edward Floydd, Head of Commercial Legal Affairs, both instrumental in the Concorde Agreement negotiations for the FIA, are set to depart.

Ketterer, who will transition to a new position at the International Olympic Committee in April, joined the FIA in 2010. Widely recognized as a pivotal legal figure within the organization, Ketterer has represented the FIA in disciplinary matters within Formula 1 and across various aspects of motorsport, alongside addressing compliance issues.

Under the tenure of former president Jean Todt, Ketterer spearheaded the FIA’s negotiations for the current Concorde Agreement, facilitated the establishment of the FIA judicial and disciplinary rules in 2011, and played a crucial role in developing the COVID-19 code of conduct, enabling the resumption of F1 activities in 2020.

FIA (Credits: Sports Illustrated)

The formal announcement of Ketterer’s departure was made during Monday’s meeting of the F1 Commission in London, as confirmed by FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem, who expressed appreciation for Ketterer’s extensive service and unwavering professionalism.

Sulayem conveyed confidence in the capable team Ketterer leaves behind, entrusted with the governance and regulatory affairs of the FIA.

Reflecting on his transition, Ketterer expressed his passion for sports and described joining the IOC as fulfilling a personal dream. Despite the excitement of embarking on a new chapter, Ketterer acknowledged the bittersweet nature of leaving behind his longstanding involvement in motorsport and cherished relationships within the FIA.

Edward Floydd served as the primary civil and commercial legal advisor to the FIA, notably contributing to championship promoter agreements and Concorde discussions.

Both Ketterer and Floydd’s departures contribute to a trend of personnel changes within the FIA in recent months, which includes notable figures like former F1 sporting director Steve Nielsen and technical director Tim Goss pursuing different opportunities.

However, alongside departures, the FIA has been actively restructuring under Ben Sulayem’s leadership, creating new roles such as Chief Legal Officer and appointing individuals like Paul O’Dowd, formerly of McLaren Applied, to key positions.

This restructuring aligns with the FIA’s broader transformation initiatives, which have seen the establishment of new departments and the recruitment of personnel across various domains, including sustainability and diversity.

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