Sauber to Utilize Alternate Name Instead of Stake in Select F1 Races

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Sauber won’t use Stake name at every F1 race

Last year marked a significant milestone for the team as they secured backing from Stake for the first time, with the sponsor’s name even becoming part of the outfit’s full title, previously known as Alfa Romeo.

However, due to restrictions on promoting gambling companies in certain regions, the team adopted the logos of Stake’s sister company, Kick, for races where gambling advertising was prohibited. This led to the creation of a special livery for the Belgian Grand Prix, with Kick branding also featured in Australia, Spain, and Qatar.

Sauber to Utilize Alternate Name Instead of Stake in Select F1 Races
Sauber to Utilize Alternate Name Instead of Stake in Select F1 Races (Credits: Reddit)

With the departure of Alfa Romeo, Sauber now operates under the Stake F1 Team banner this year. Consequently, the challenge of adhering to regulations regarding gambling promotion becomes more pronounced, particularly at events where the Kick identity will be utilized.

Alunni Bravi, reflecting on these changes, stated, “As you know, last year we alternated two different names according to the different countries where we go racing. We will be fully complying with all the local applicable laws, and where Stake is prohibited, so gambling advertising is prohibited, we will use a different name. As last year, we have Kick as one of our most important partners – our chassis name is a Kick Sauber – so where we are not going to race as Stake F1 Team, we will use a second team name.”

Supported by Stake, Sauber is leveraging the transitional period between the Alfa Romeo and Audi eras to forge a fresh identity. This shift was underscored by the adoption of a fluorescent green livery and an elaborate launch event in London, attended by VIPs and influencers.

Alunni Bravi expressed his satisfaction with the developments, saying, “For me, it has been fantastic so far. And I think today, you see a kind of testament of intent of all we are going to do during the season.

This is just the first moment, but we have a lot of activations and activities that we will be performing throughout the season. Of course, there are under the Stake umbrella different brands, including gaming and betting, but it’s a company that is very dynamic, and that will help us to really expand our fan base and to reach a new target that is very important for our team and all of our partners.”

At the launch event, Alunni Bravi acknowledged that moving away from Alfa Romeo has provided the team with greater flexibility in marketing strategies.

He remarked, “This year, of course, for us, it’s easier: we have a new and clear identity. We start here with an event that I think is a testament of what we want to do with a new motto for the team, ‘unleashed’, that for us means really the way we want to communicate, the way we want to be perceived. Of course, this also needs to be supported by the results on track. We are all working together to deliver a better job and more performance. It is important that we have everything. An F1 team is not just a racing team. Of course, it’s a large operation. And we need to work on all the areas, on track, off track, on the technical side, also on the commercial side. And with Stake I think we will achieve important targets that will bring an added value also to F1.”


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