Ford’s Electric Vehicle Endeavors in Europe: Beyond Volkswagen’s MEB Platform

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Ford Prepares EV Platform For Compacts And Cheaper Models

Ford is making significant strides in the electric vehicle arena in Europe, with a notable assist from Volkswagen’s MEB platform. The electric Ford Explorer is built upon this platform, and there are plans for a sportier variant of the Explorer in the pipeline. However, Ford is not stopping there; they have broader aspirations.

Earlier reports this year hinted at Ford’s intention to move beyond the MEB platform. CEO Jim Farley recently shed light on this, mentioning the development of a new foundational structure.

This new platform has quietly been in the works for two years, spearheaded by a team operating somewhat independently from Ford’s core operations, functioning akin to a Ford-backed startup.

Ford (Credits: WIRED)

According to Farley, this platform is designed to be adaptable across various vehicle types and also serves as a foundation for software and services—a versatile solution that could pave the way for smaller and more affordable electric cars. This direction is particularly encouraging for the European market.

Farley’s ambitions extend beyond mere product development; he aims to position Ford as a viable contender against industry giants like Tesla and prominent Chinese manufacturers. However, specifics regarding this new platform remain somewhat elusive, indicating that concrete details may only emerge in the long term.

In the meantime, European consumers can anticipate the arrival of the Ford Explorer and potentially the Capri, both utilizing the existing MEB platform.

The fully electric Ford Puma is on the horizon, although it is not directly linked to the new platform; instead, it is likely to be based on the electric propulsion groundwork established by the Fiesta and combustion engine-powered Puma.


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