Encounter the 900-Horsepower Open-Top Huayra R EVO, Pagani’s Mightiest Creation Yet

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Meet The 900-horsepower Open-top Huayra R EVO, The Most Powerful Pagani Ever

Introducing the latest marvel from Pagani Automobili, the all-new Huayra R Evo, a track-only hypercar boasting an astounding 900 horsepower, marking it as the most powerful Pagani ever created.

This iteration of the Huayra series features a distinctive “codalunga” design characterized by its long-tail silhouette complemented by removable roof panels. The V12-R Evo engine propels the car to a remarkable top speed of 218mph, delivering an exhilarating driving experience.

Inspiration for Huayra R Evo’s design struck Horacio Pagani, the founder of Pagani Automobili, during a Formula Indy race in Nashville, Tennessee.

Encounter the 900-Horsepower Open-Top Huayra R EVO, Pagani's Mightiest Creation Yet
Encounter the 900-Horsepower Open-Top Huayra R EVO, Pagani’s Mightiest Creation Yet (Credits: Hemmings)

Observing the single-seater cars equipped with Aeroscreens, Pagani envisioned a car with protective polycarbonate surfaces and the option to remove roof panels, allowing occupants to fully immerse themselves in the car’s aerodynamic prowess and the captivating sound of its engine.

Joining the exclusive Arte in Pista program, reserved for owners of the Zonda R and Zonda Revolución, the Huayra R Evo offers enthusiasts the opportunity to partake in non-competitive track events at prestigious FIA circuits worldwide.

Under the hood lies a bespoke V12-R Evo engine, generating 900 horsepower and 567 pounds-feet (770 Newton-meters) of torque, facilitating its impressive top speed.

Inside the cockpit, occupants are secured by six-point harnesses and seats upholstered in fireproof material, featuring Ener-Core EC 50 foam padding that molds to the body for optimal comfort and support.

Equipped with Pirelli P Zero Slick tires for maximum traction, the Huayra R Evo incorporates brand-new CCM-R self-ventilated carbon-ceramic discs paired with bespoke racing pads, ensuring exceptional braking power.

While pricing and production numbers have yet to be announced by Pagani, the Huayra R Evo is anticipated to be a limited-edition masterpiece, offering unparalleled performance and exclusivity to discerning collectors and enthusiasts.


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