The Most Unusual F1 Team Names: From Antique Automobiles to Life

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Oddest ever F1 team names from Antique Automobiles to Life

The off-season in Formula 1 stirred considerable discussion with two teams undergoing rebranding for the 2024 season.

Red Bull’s sister outfit AlphaTauri transformed into Visa Cash App RB, while Sauber dropped its Alfa Romeo identity in favor of a title sponsorship with online casino company Stake and live streaming platform Kick.

These changes sparked controversy, with some, like Autosport’s Alex Kalinauckas, viewing them merely as financial maneuvers rather than genuine shifts in identity.

Nevertheless, F1 has seen its fair share of peculiar team names throughout its history, often diverging from the likes of Ferrari, McLaren, or Williams. Here are five such instances:

The Most Unusual F1 Team Names: From Antique Automobiles to Life
The Most Unusual F1 Team Names: From Antique Automobiles to Life (Credits: Motorsport)

Antique Automobiles

Debut: 1969 Monaco Grand Prix
Final Race: 1970 United States Grand Prix
Races Entered: 14
Points Scored: 3

Antique Automobiles, a privateer team managed by Colin Crabbe, participated in 14 races, renting cars from other teams due to financial constraints. Despite their unconventional approach, they managed to score points in notable races.


Debut: 1971 British Grand Prix
Final Race: 1973 United States Grand Prix
Races Entered: 30
Points Scored: 0

This British team, initially funded by stockbrokers, struggled throughout its three-year stint in F1, failing to secure any points before withdrawing due to financial difficulties induced by the 1973 oil crisis.

Goldie Hexagon

Debut: 1974 Argentine Grand Prix
Final Race: 1974 United States Grand Prix
Races Entered: 15
Points Scored: 6

A sponsorship venture involving car dealers John Goldie and Hexagon of Highgate, Goldie Hexagon saw moderate success in its sole year in F1, with notable finishes by drivers John Watson and Carlos Pace.

Jolly Club

Debut: 1971 Italian Grand Prix
Final Race: 1986 Portuguese Grand Prix
Races Entered: 4
Points Scored: 0

Originating from a Milan restaurant, Jolly Club was primarily known for its rallying exploits. Its brief foray into F1 saw limited success, with multiple attempts but no qualifying finishes.

Life Racing Engines

Debut: 1990 United States Grand Prix

Final Race: 1990 Spanish Grand Prix

Races Entered: 14

Points Scored: 0

Life Racing Engines, named after its founder Ernesto Vita, faced a disastrous 1990 season due to an underpowered engine and a heavy chassis, resulting in failure to qualify for any race.

These teams, while not attaining the fame of F1 giants, contributed to the sport’s colorful history with their unique names and endeavors.


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