Tesla-Powered Honda Van Takes on Supercars: The Epic Battle at the Freedom Factory!

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Tesla-Powered Honda Van Takes on Supercars

The van you see depicted may resemble a worn-out 2001 Honda Odyssey, but it holds a thrilling secret. Beneath its exterior lies the chassis, interior, and drivetrain sourced from a Tesla Model S Plaid.

They call it the “Plaidessey” by the team at the BoostedBoiz YouTube channel, this van boasts the ability to outpace nearly anything in a single-lap oval race.

Eager to test its mettle against some swift competition, the creators of the Plaidessey took it to the Freedom Factory, a renowned oval track with prominent YouTuber ownership.

Despite its unpretentious appearance, the electric-powered Honda proves its worth by triumphing over a Tesla Model S and a seemingly heavily modified Audi in a spectator drag race, where two cars line up on the oval for a single-lap showdown.

Tesla-Powered Honda Van Takes on Supercars

Despite wielding three motors and 1020 horsepower, the Plaidessey faces a formidable opponent in the form of the Freedom Factory’s owner, the illustrious Cleetus McFarland, in his modified 991-generation Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Enhanced with additional bolt-ons and increased boost, the Porsche likely churns out far more than its factory-rated 580 hp.

In two laps around the oval, McFarland’s Porsche emerges victorious both times. However, the electric Honda van puts up a commendable fight, nearly closing the gap to claim victory in the second run.

McFarland’s track experience and the van’s potentially hindering bodywork likely influenced the outcome. Here’s hoping we’ll witness more of the Plaidessey’s performance on the racetrack. With some minor tweaks, it’s poised to achieve even greater feats.


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