2024 Toyota Tacoma: Expect Dealership Markups Up to $9,995

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2024 Toyota Tacoma: Expect Dealership Markups Up to $9,995

If you’re thinking about buying the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, be ready to pay more at the dealership. Some places are adding up to $9,995 extra on top of the regular price for this new version. One dealership in California, called Roseville Toyota, is doing this.

Even though Roseville Toyota has 63 trucks listed for sale on their website, they haven’t gotten any in stock yet. The cheapest one they’re offering is the Toyota Tacoma SR5 4×4 Double Cab, which starts at $52,730.

But there are other, more affordable versions available from Toyota, like the SR 4×2 XtraCab, which starts at $31,500, but Roseville Toyota doesn’t have them yet.

The Tacoma SR5 sits between the basic SR and TRD PreRunner versions. It comes with a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine that’s pretty powerful. The dealership also adds some extras like door edge guards and a quick charging cable package, which cost $340.

On the pricier side, Roseville Toyota is selling the TRD Sport for $63,820, and they’re adding the same $9,995 markup. This version also comes with some extra features like off-road enhancements and a better sound system.

Toyota will soon release even fancier versions called TRD Pro and Trailhunter, which will compete with the Ford Ranger Raptor. These will have a hybrid powertrain that’s pretty strong.

2024 Toyota Tacoma: Expect Dealership Markups Up to $9,995

If you’re hoping for discounts or special deals, you’re out of luck with the 2024 Toyota Tacoma. You’ll have to pay the markup at the dealership. But you might be able to avoid it by talking to the salespeople or looking for other dealerships. Still, it’s pretty common for dealers to add extra fees for popular models like this one.

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