Introducing the Futuristic All-tric Range Rover Safari: A Tribute to 007’s Iconic Ride

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Electric Range Rover Safari

Lunaz has recently unveiled its latest electrified classic car, a remarkable reimagining of the 1983 short-wheelbase Range Rover Safari, famously associated with James Bond’s adventures in the 1983 film Octopussy.

This iconic model, stripped of its roof, underwent significant structural reinforcement of both body and chassis to accommodate its upgraded fully electric powertrain while ensuring optimal structural integrity.

Despite undergoing substantial enhancements, the exterior design remains true to the original, with this particular iteration featuring a custom ‘Maya Blue’ finish and a dark blue mohair convertible hood tailored to the client’s specifications.

Range Rover Safari
Range Rover Safari

Interior customization was a pivotal aspect of this project, leading to extensive redesign and modernization efforts. This particular car showcases the most comprehensive interior overhaul within Lunaz’s portfolio, completely revamping the original layout.

The outdated dashboard and interior elements have been replaced with a newly designed 3D-printed console, the culmination of two years of in-house development.

This cutting-edge console serves as the central control hub, integrating features such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, air conditioning controls, heating systems, USB-C ports, and a reversing camera display.

Crafted from Mocca Walnut wood and finished with a weatherproof satin lacquer, this innovative console is set to become a standard feature in all future electric Range Rovers by Lunaz. Additionally, the seating configuration has undergone a complete redesign to enhance aesthetics, comfort, and ergonomics.

Range Rover Safari
Range Rover Safari

Drawing upon proprietary padding materials developed for Lunaz’s Rolls-Royce and Bentley models, both the driver and passenger seats now offer heating functionality and are upholstered in soft, durable leather using the brand’s signature fluting technique.

For the Range Rover Safari, a waterproof and chlorine-resistant textile reminiscent of hardwearing sporting jackets was meticulously chosen, reflecting over 1,000 hours of development and production dedicated solely to the interior.

The electric powertrain, generating 280kW and 375 bhp, has been meticulously tailored to the owner’s preferences, offering zero emissions and a significant improvement over the original V8 engine’s CO2 output.

To effectively handle the increased torque, the Range Rover Safari by Lunaz boasts upgraded dampers, bespoke springs, six- and four-piston disc brakes at the front and rear, respectively, as well as regenerative braking capabilities.

Furthermore, it retains the original vehicle’s impressive wading depth of 500mm and preserves all original approach, breakover, and departure angles.


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