Chase Elliott Reflects on Challenging 2023: “Our Determination Remains Unwavering”

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Chase Elliott on difficult 2023: “Our fire shouldn’t be in question”

Last year, Elliott faced setbacks early on when he broke his leg in a snowboarding accident, sidelining him for six races. Additionally, he was suspended by NASCAR for one race due to an incident involving Denny Hamlin in the Coca-Cola 600.

Despite his challenges, Elliott, at 28 years old, ended the season without a win or a playoff spot, finishing 17th in the series standings, his lowest placement in eight full-time seasons. However, he maintained his streak of winning the most popular driver title for the sixth consecutive year, a testament to his enduring fan support.

Chase Elliott
Chase Elliott (Credits: 0n3)

Reflecting on the past season, Elliott remains optimistic as he gears up for the 2024 season with unwavering support from his team. He acknowledges the ease with which a team could unravel after a tough year but expresses confidence in their resilience.

“I feel like our team is in a good place,” Elliott remarked during Daytona 500 Media Day. “When you have a year like last year, it is really easy for a team to blow up from the inside. Really easy. You don’t know how easy. When I look at where our team is at mentally, our drive and our will, and our willingness to fight and not quit, I think it’s at an all-time high to be honest with you.”

Elliott emphasizes the strength of his relationship with his crew chief, Alan Gustafson, highlighting their unity amidst adversity.

“I’m just super proud of those things regardless of how the season goes because I work with a group of guys who don’t want to give up on me. I don’t want to give up on them,” Elliott stated.

Despite challenges, Elliott is resolute in his commitment to his team and refuses to attribute last year’s struggles solely to his injuries.

“Yeah, I was fine (after his return). My injuries were not why we struggled, for sure,” he clarified.

Looking ahead, Elliott draws inspiration from his team’s unwavering support, aiming to return to the winning form they had enjoyed in previous seasons.

“That, to me, means a lot when you go to war every week (with a team) that has no desire to quit. It speaks volumes,” Elliott said. “That, in my opinion, is a huge hurdle in trying to get back to where we think we can be and where I feel where we belong.”

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