Rare 1966 Chevrolet Biscayne: Low Mileage & Restored

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Rare 1966 Chevrolet Biscayne: Low Mileage & Restored
Rare 1966 Chevrolet Biscayne (Credits: Chevrolet)

Chevrolet introduced the Biscayne in 1958 as part of its comprehensive lineup alongside the Bel Air and the renowned Impala. Positioned as the most affordable full-size option, the Biscayne lacked some of the luxurious features of the Impala.

However, it still gained popularity among consumers, despite Chevrolet initially intending it for fleet use only.

One of its appealing aspects was its shared heritage with the Impala. Despite not having all the premium features, the Biscayne adopted styling cues and some engine options similar to those of its more expensive counterpart.

In 1966, Chevrolet introduced the 427 engine, which was also available for the Impala and boasted 425 horsepower. While it was a popular choice for the Impala SS, Chevrolet also offered this powerful engine option for the Biscayne, catering to drivers seeking a thrilling driving experience without the premium price tag.

Rare 1966 Chevrolet Biscayne: Low Mileage & Restored
Rare 1966 Chevrolet Biscayne (Credits: Chevrolet)

The 1966 Biscayne featured in these photos came equipped with a 283 engine and stood out for its low mileage of only 30,000 miles (48,280 km). According to the owner’s listing on Craigslist, this mileage is original despite the car undergoing a complete restoration.

While the restoration is a highlight of this Biscayne, it’s unclear if the original setup was retained. The engine appears to be the original one, but further inspection in person would be necessary to confirm the car’s originality.

Additionally, the timing of the restoration completion is unspecified, so viewing the car in person would provide a better assessment of the restoration quality compared to the online photos. The owner also offers to share more images upon request.

According to the owner, the car has spent its entire life garaged, and with its complete restoration, concerns about rust or deterioration are alleviated.

The Biscayne is presented in impeccable condition and is road-ready, though it would benefit from being stored in a heated garage to preserve its flawless appearance and low mileage. Nevertheless, it is also suitable for regular driving, considering its price point.

Priced at $18,500, the owner’s asking price seems reasonable, especially considering the Biscayne’s lower popularity compared to the Impala or Bel Air. The car is located near Easton, and despite its pristine condition, transporting it on a trailer is advisable to maintain its low mileage.


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