1962 Impala Restoration Project: Engine Options & Potential Costs

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1962 Impala Restoration Project: Engine Options & Potential Costs

Reviving a classic Impala doesn’t always mean adhering strictly to factory specifications. Restomodding, custom builds, and rat rods are all viable options for bringing a neglected Chevy back to life.

The 1962 Impala featured in these images was on the brink of receiving a new lease on life. According to the Craigslist listing, the current owner had plans to repurpose the rear section of the Impala into a couch and utilize the front portion as wall art.

However, due to time constraints, the project never materialized, leaving the Impala waiting for its next chapter.

The silver lining is that the car still appears salvageable. So, if you’re inclined to keep the Impala on the road and are uncertain about the engine choice, a 409 would be a seamless fit. With the discontinuation of the 348 in 1962, the 409 emerged as the sole big-block option in the lineup, particularly popular for the Super Sport variant.

1962 Impala Restoration Project: Engine Options & Potential Costs

Though the engine and transmission are absent, the owner assures potential buyers of the presence of “tons of good parts.” While the provided photos might not showcase these components, the body and interior appear to be in decent condition.

The door panels remain intact, albeit with some wear. The front seats show signs of tearing, all glass panels are present, and the chrome detailing remains in good shape.

In terms of engine options, while the 409 would be an ideal choice for enthusiasts seeking performance enhancements, the majority of Impalas were originally equipped with the 283 or 327 V8 engines, known for their balance of power and efficiency.

Purchasing this Impala won’t break the bank, though transforming it into a functional couch might entail considerable expenses if you align with the owner’s vision. Priced at $1,400, the seller is open to potential trades.

Transporting the Impala home will require a trailer, and it’s currently located in Clinton, near Janesville, with a clean title ready for transfer.

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