High-Performance Sedan Showdown: Cadillac vs. Challengers

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High-Performance Sedan Showdown: Cadillac vs. Challengers

While Chevrolet and Dodge have abandoned their two-door pony and muscle car models, Cadillac remains committed to high-performance sedans.

Chevrolet discontinued the sixth-generation Camaro due to various factors such as regulations, design issues, declining demand for performance vehicles, and competition from more powerful rivals like the Hellcats and Shelbys. The Camaro nameplate is now on hiatus until the era of electric vehicles resumes its relevance.

Similarly, Dodge has ceased production of the L-bodied Charger and Challenger models, with only one returning with the new STLA Large platform, featuring a return to the classic two-door fastback design. The upcoming Charger Daytona will be electric, but it will still offer ICE power options with the new 3.0-liter Hurricane inline-six turbo engine.

High-Performance Sedan Showdown: Cadillac vs. Challengers

Meanwhile, Cadillac has recently upgraded its CT5 series, including the sporty CT5-V and the powerful Blackwing variants. The limited-edition 2025 Blackwing model boasts significant updates, but the current model remains formidable, equipped with a 668-hp supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine.

At a recent Street Heat event at Bradenton Motorsports Park, the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing was featured prominently. While there was some confusion about the models it raced against, the Cadillac performed impressively.

In the quarter-mile drag race, it faced off against what was likely a tuned Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat or a 392 SRT, ultimately emerging victorious with an ET of 11.92 seconds compared to its opponent’s 12.75 seconds.

During 40 mph rolls, the Cadillac continued to dominate its competitors, including an Audi S6, a BMW SUV (likely an X3, not an M4 as suggested), and a Ford Mustang GT, which proved to be a formidable challenger, performing exceptionally well.

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