Ford Mustang GT: Power, Performance, and Creative Customization

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Ford Mustang GT: Power, Performance, and Creative Customization
Ford Mustang GT (Credits: Ford)

The Ford Motor Company experienced a prosperous year in 2023, particularly in the American market where it maintained its dominance with the F-Series as the top-selling nameplate and secured the third position overall, trailing only GM and Toyota, with nearly 2 million units sold.

Last year saw almost 751,000 deliveries of the F-Series, while even the brand’s lone passenger car, the Mustang, performed well. The sixth-generation S550 and its successor, the S650, claimed the top spot as the best-selling sports car, surpassing rivals like the retiring Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro.

Now, the Mustang is expanding its reach to Europe, with the announcement in early 2024 that the seventh generation will be available in GT and Dark Horse variants.

Ford Mustang GT: Power, Performance, and Creative Customization
Ford Mustang GT (Credits: Ford)

However, there’s a slight setback for European fans as the pricey Mustang GT and Dark Horse models are arriving with less powerful Coyote V8 engines due to regulations. The GT Fastback’s power has been reduced from up to 486 hp to 440 hp, while the Dark Horse now delivers 448 horsepower instead of 500.

It’s disappointing news for European enthusiasts who not only have to pay more than their American counterparts but also miss out on the full power of the mighty V8. Nevertheless, solutions to these issues can be found.

One such solution lies in the creative realm of digital car content creators, where a Ford Mustang GT design can be transformed into an extreme supercar, surpassing even the mighty 800-hp supercharged GTD.

Avante, a UK-based digital creator known for avantedesigns_ on social media, has taken a liking to Ford’s S650 seventh-generation 2024 Mustang and envisioned it as an outrageous supercar.

Avante, familiar to those following the story about Artisan Vehicle Design, has also proposed unique ideas for the R35 Nissan GT-R, collaborating on a limited series project to give the car a Skyline GT-R makeover, including exterior redesign, interior overhaul, and engine upgrades by Litchfield Motors.

Avante has imagined a modern incarnation of the classic NASCAR Aero Warriors, featuring a modified 2024 Ford Mustang GT with a striking crimson design, widened body, and customized features throughout.

Every aspect of the Mustang GT has been altered, from the hood and mirrors to the fender flares, rear, and wheels. Even the roof, if left unmodified, is overshadowed by the addition of a massive wing that seamlessly integrates with the car’s design. Overall, it’s an impressive concept, wouldn’t you agree?


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