E-Bobby-Car: World’s Fastest Kiddie Car Record Breaker

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E-Bobby-Car: World's Fastest Kiddie Car Record Breaker

Marcel Paul, an engineering student from Germany, loved racing bobby-cars since he was little. These are small plastic cars for kids. Inspired by the movie Back to the Future, where a car travels through time, Marcel wanted to make his bobby-car go super fast – 88 mph, to be exact.

He heard someone on YouTube had made a bobby-car go 60 mph. Marcel wanted to beat that and also match the speed of the time-traveling car from the movie. So, he built a special electric car called the E-Bobby-Car.

E-Bobby-Car: World's Fastest Kiddie Car Record Breaker

In August 2023, at a racetrack in Germany, Marcel drove the E-Bobby-Car and broke the world record for the fastest kiddie car. It zoomed at 92.24 mph! Guinness World Records officially recognized Marcel’s achievement later.

But Marcel’s journey to success started way before that. He first beat the YouTube record. Then, in 2022, he hit 81.2 mph using regular plastic wheels. Each step was a milestone towards his dream.

To break the record, Marcel’s E-Bobby-Car had special racing tires and was powered by an electric engine. The car was a gift, and Marcel collaborated with others to make it super fast and safe. He even lay down in the car for safety and to make it more aerodynamic.

Before the record-breaking run, there was a test run. You can watch it to see how thrilling it is to drive this super-fast bobby-car. It’s not easy, but Marcel’s determination and hard work paid off. He proved that dreams can come true with passion and perseverance.


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