Renault Unveils 5 E-Tech: Electric Supermini Debut

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Renault Unveils 5 E-Tech: Electric Supermini Debut
Renault Unveils 5 E-Tech (Credits: Renault)

Renault has meticulously ensured the functionality of every aspect during the testing and fine-tuning phase, gearing up to unveil the 5 E-Tech. The electric supermini is set to debut next week at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show.

The unveiling will be live-streamed from 9:30 AM CET (3:30 AM EST) on Monday, February 26, alongside other exciting releases from the French automaker.

Despite Renault’s decision not to release teaser images, there’s ample information available about the upcoming 5 E-Tech through various scoops and leaks, combined with details from the concept showcased over two years ago.

Official patent images that surfaced a couple of months back revealed its design continuity with the concept, featuring similar styling cues such as trapezoidal headlamps, vertical taillights, and a floating-style roof.

Renault Unveils 5 E-Tech: Electric Supermini Debut
Renault Unveils 5 E-Tech (Credits: Renault)

However, Renault has extended the front and rear overhangs on the production model and introduced traditional door handles, with the rear ones cleverly concealed near the C-pillars. While the patents showcased wheels akin to the concept, additional options are expected, possibly including sets with specialized tires aimed at enhancing range.

Beneath its exterior lies the CMF-EV platform, sharing many components with the CMF-B platform utilized by models like the Clio, Captur, and Nissan Juke.

Speculation suggests the 5 E-Tech will debut with a single electric motor, though the exact power output remains undisclosed. Estimates hover around 120-150 hp, which seems reasonable given the context.

The Renault 5 E-Tech lineup will also feature a variant from Alpine. The A290 is in the works, anticipated to be a hot hatch version possibly equipped with the same motor showcased in the A290_B Concept from the previous year, boasting 268 hp.

Rumors hint at a more potent all-wheel-drive model alongside a potentially less powerful variant with around 215 hp.

Excitement abounds for the debut of the Renault 5 E-Tech at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show, especially as it pays homage to the iconic Renault 5 produced from the ’70s until the mid-’90s.

Following its debut, the Alpine model is expected to arrive in a few months, with a likely introduction to dealerships across Europe by the end of the year or early 2025.


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