Rare Led Zeppelin-Owned Ferrari 246 Dino GTS Auction

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Rare Led Zeppelin-Owned Ferrari 246 Dino GTS Auction

Combining the lineage of modern hard rock bands with the heritage of Ferrari, particularly the 246 Dino, can be likened to a recipe for immense value. A prime example is the 1973 Ferrari 246 Dino GTS, originally purchased from the dealership by Peter Grant, the longstanding manager of Led Zeppelin.

Grant, characterized by his robust figure, distinctive bushy beard, and serious demeanor, played a pivotal role in propelling Led Zeppelin to superstardom.

Instrumental in negotiating the band’s landmark contract with Atlantic Records, it’s fitting that he invested his newfound wealth in a car as exceptional as the 246 Dino.

With only 235 right-hand drive models built for the UK market, this Dino epitomizes rarity in the British automotive landscape of its time.

Rare Led Zeppelin-Owned Ferrari 246 Dino GTS Auction

Equipped with a 2.4-liter Dino-series V6 engine, the power plant may not match the ferocity of modern Ferrari motors, but its lineage in vehicles like the Lancia Stratos rally car and the Fiat Dino 2400 sports coupe ensures its credibility.

While the Dino engine may sometimes be subject to ridicule, its performance is complemented by the striking exterior design reminiscent of Le Mans racers, despite Ferrari’s setbacks against Ford in that arena.

Enhanced with more appealing European-spec front headlamps, this particular Dino retains its original charm, although modifications were necessary for the North American market to comply with federal safety regulations of the early 1970s.

Dale Vinten, head of editorial at Car & Classic, underscores the significance of this Dino, formerly owned by Peter Grant, within both automotive and music history. He highlights its status as not merely a car but a piece of rock history and Led Zeppelin memorabilia, underscoring its appeal to a wide audience.

Experts estimate the final selling price of this iconic Ferrari to range from £275,000 to £350,000 through the Car & Classic auction network.

However, given its rich musical heritage, there’s potential for it to exceed these projections, perhaps even surpassing seven figures. The actual outcome will be revealed by the end of the day on February 29th.

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