Leclerc Affirms: Ferrari Resolves Concerns That Disrupted 2023 Testing

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Leclerc: Ferrari has banished “worries” that spoiled 2023 testing

The SF-24 has made a promising start on the track in Bahrain, and notably, its performance aligns closely with the simulations conducted at Maranello.

According to Leclerc, the team finds itself in a significantly improved position compared to a year ago, providing a strong foundation for further development.

“We’re seeing positive strides,” he remarked. “Unlike the challenges we faced at the beginning of last year, the car is now behaving as it should.”

Reflecting on the past, Leclerc recalled the initial concerns with the 2023 car, describing it as overly complex and difficult to handle. However, this year’s model presents a more manageable starting point, although refinement work remains essential.

“Our progress is evident,” he continued. “The car’s performance aligns closely with our simulations, which is encouraging for our development efforts.”

Regarding the improvements over the previous year, Leclerc emphasized the enhanced drivability of the SF-24.

Leclerc Affirms: Ferrari Resolves Concerns That Disrupted 2023 Testing
Leclerc Affirms: Ferrari Resolves Concerns That Disrupted 2023 Testing (Credits: BVM Sports)

“Compared to last year, the car is much more predictable,” he explained. “We no longer face the dilemma of unpredictable handling, which plagued us before.”

Yet, Leclerc tempered expectations, acknowledging the early stage of the season and the uncertainty surrounding competitors’ performance.

“It’s still early days,” he cautioned. “We’re in familiar territory where the true competitive landscape remains elusive, much like previous pre-seasons.”

While acknowledging Red Bull’s impressive pace, Leclerc remained cautious, noting the need for more comprehensive data analysis before drawing firm conclusions.

“Red Bull appears strong, but it’s premature to make definitive judgments,” he concluded. “We’re navigating familiar uncertainties, awaiting further insights into the competition.”


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