Observing the Nio ET9 Effortlessly Shed Snow with its SkyRide Active Suspension System

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Watch Nio ET9 Shake Snow Off Its Body, Thanks To Its SkyRide Active Suspension System

Behold the Nio ET9 executive sedan, gracefully shedding snow from its body, all thanks to its groundbreaking SkyRide Fully Active Suspension system, setting a new standard in its class.

In a recent video shared by Chinese automaker Nio, the flagship ET9 showcased its capability to effortlessly sway from side to side, effectively dislodging snow accumulation from its bonnet, windscreen, roof, and rear window.

This remarkable feat was made possible by Nio’s innovative SkyRide Fully Active Suspension system, a testament to its prowess even in challenging winter conditions.

Accompanying the video, Nio captioned, “ET9 ‘Big Challenge’ is here again! This time in the ice and snow, let’s see how the ‘SkyRide·Tianxing’ intelligent chassis system can make ET9 ‘vibrating’ and help you get off to a good start in the Year of the Dragon!”

The SkyRide Fully Active Suspension system is not merely about shaking off snow; it represents a technological marvel that integrates Full Active Suspension, steer-by-wire, and rear-wheel steering.

This sophisticated system ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for passengers, even on rough and bumpy roads, redefining the driving experience.

This recent demonstration follows a previous showcase in December, where Nio loaded the ET9’s bonnet with delicate champagne glasses and cruised it across a road filled with rubber speed bumps.

This display highlighted the unparalleled smoothness of the SkyRide system, likening the experience to traveling in a business jet.

Nio’s commitment to innovation and luxury is further exemplified by the starting price of the electric Nio ET9 executive sedan, set at CN¥800,000 (approximately $113,000 USD).

With first deliveries scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2025, anticipation is high for the arrival of this groundbreaking vehicle, promising a new era of automotive excellence.


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