Ford Reduces Price of Mustang Mach-E While Offering Cash Incentives for F-150 Lightning

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Ford Slashes The Price Of The Mustang Mach-E With The F-150 Lightning Getting Cash Incentives

Ford has recently announced a significant price adjustment for its Mustang Mach-E lineup in the United States, a strategic move aimed at addressing the deceleration in electric vehicle (EV) sales across the market.

This adjustment sees a substantial reduction in prices, with discounts of up to $8,100 now being offered, with a minimum discount of $3,100.

The revised pricing structure positions the entry-level Select RWD trim at $39,895, reflecting a $3,100 reduction. Following this, the Select AWD and Premium RWD are priced at $42,895, marking reductions of $3,100 and $4,100, respectively.

The Premium AWD variant sees a $4,100 decrease, while the Premium RWD Extended Range and California Route 1 AWD models are now $45,895, representing an $8,100 reduction.

Ford (Credits: Autoblog)

Furthermore, both the Premium AWD Extended Range and California Route 1 AWD variants are now available at $48,895, with the same $8,100 discount. The GT trim is priced at $52,395, offering a reduction of $7,600, while the GT Performance Edition comes in at $57,395, also $7,600 cheaper.

In addition to these price adjustments, Ford is offering a $7,500 cash incentive for any Mustang Mach-E leased through Ford Credit, further sweetening the deal for potential customers.

Beyond the Mustang Mach-E, Ford is extending cash incentives to its F-150 Lightning truck lineup. For purchases, customers can benefit from incentives ranging from $5,000 to $12,500, depending on the trim.

The XLT Extended Range offers a $7,500 incentive, while the Lariat Standard and Extended Range variants provide a $5,000 incentive. The Platinum trim boasts the highest incentive at $12,500.

For those opting to lease the F-150 Lightning, cash incentives are also available, with $1,500 offered for the XLT, $5,000 for the Lariat, and $7,500 for the Platinum.

Ford emphasizes its commitment to maintaining its position as America’s No. 2 EV SUV and brand, citing its success in 2023. These price adjustments and incentives are part of its strategy to sustain and strengthen its market standing in the evolving landscape of electric vehicles.


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