Fallows: Aston Martin F1 Team Achieves Necessary Progress with AMR24

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Fallows: Aston F1 team has made required step with AMR24

While some of their competitors have opted for significant conceptual changes, Aston Martin chose to focus on evolving their 2023 model, which had garnered eight podium finishes in the capable hands of Fernando Alonso, despite a performance dip in the latter part of the season.

The testing days in Bahrain indicated that the team has indeed made the progress they aimed for with their initial launch package, even if others managed to grab more attention with headline-grabbing times.

Fallows, reflecting on their goals for the season, expressed satisfaction with the progress made: “When we entered this season, our primary objective was to take a step forward over the winter. We aimed for noticeable improvement despite maintaining continuity with last year’s car. We are pleased to see that we’ve achieved that step and benefited from it. Our focus now lies in continuing this trajectory and ensuring competitive in-season development, an area where we felt we fell short last year.”

Fallows: Aston Martin F1 Team Achieves Necessary Progress with AMR24
Fallows: Aston Martin F1 Team Achieves Necessary Progress with AMR24 (Credits: Autosport)

Alonso had emphasized the importance of addressing straight-line speed and downforce in high-speed corners at the car’s launch. Fallows acknowledged these priorities, stating, “We focused on refining the car’s drivability and balance over the winter, and we’re reasonably content with our current status. However, there’s always room for improvement, which is why we constantly revisit the wind tunnel and design processes. Nevertheless, we’re pleased with the progress made during the testing period, having completed numerous test items and achieved favorable outcomes.”

Team principal Mike Krack echoed Fallows’ sentiments, stating that the Bahrain sessions went according to plan, with Aston successfully completing all scheduled work each day.

However, he remained cautious about the team’s standing relative to their competitors. “We need to thoroughly analyze the data in the coming days to get a clearer picture,” Krack remarked. “It’s essential for us to focus on our own program as we can’t control what others are doing. The analysis will involve understanding the various factors such as track conditions, fuel loads, engine modes, and tire specifications. Given the wide range of variables, determining who holds the advantage and by how much is challenging.”

In essence, while Aston Martin is pleased with the progress made during testing, they remain vigilant and aware of the complexities in accurately gauging their competitive position in the Formula 1 pecking order.


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