Classic Dodge Charger: Appreciating the First-Gen Legacy

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Classic Dodge Charger: Appreciating the First-Gen Legacy

Introduced in 1968, the second-generation Dodge Charger has emerged as the most iconic iteration of the nameplate. Despite this, the first-generation Charger holds its appeal.

Distinguished from other muscle cars of its era, the first-gen Charger offered a more premium experience. While competitors like the Plymouth GTX shared similarities, the Charger’s unique design set it apart, featuring a fastback rear end reminiscent of the Rambler Marlin.

Classic Dodge Charger: Appreciating the First-Gen Legacy

Lasting only two model years due to sluggish sales, the first-gen Charger paved the way for its successor. Despite its age, this 1966 Charger exemplifies the timeless appeal of Dodge’s early models.

Presented by Street Dreams Texas, this restored Charger showcases meticulous attention to detail. The red exterior contrasts beautifully with chrome accents, while the interior boasts a matching red theme, exuding both flashiness and elegance.

Under the hood lies a weathered 383-cubic-inch V8, likely original and indicative of the car’s historical value. Paired with a three-speed automatic transmission, this Charger represents a rare configuration among its counterparts.

With only 9,519 units built with this setup, this classic Mopar offers a unique opportunity for collectors. Priced at $49,500, it awaits a new owner to appreciate its heritage and performance.


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