Gasser-style Restomod: Vintage Corvette Transformed for Modern Appeal

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Gasser-style Restomod: Vintage Corvette Transformed for Modern Appeal

When discussing the first-generation Corvette, it’s uncommon to envision it resembling a diminutive vintage monster truck. However, such a description aptly fits the category of vehicles known as “Gassers,” which enjoyed popularity during the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s.

The subject at hand isn’t exactly a “true” Gasser but rather a Gasser-style restomod, more suitable for display or car meets than drag racing. The term “Gasser” typically referred to a type of drag racing vehicle running on regular gasoline, featuring a unique suspension setup with the front end significantly elevated compared to the rear. This stance aimed to enhance weight transfer to the rear wheels for improved traction.

Gasser-style Restomod: Vintage Corvette Transformed for Modern Appeal

In addition to the characteristic straight front axle design, Gassers often sported narrow front wheels, omitted front bumpers, and front exit exhaust systems. While most were based on models like the Willys coupes, Austin sedans, Ford T-Birds, and Chevy Tri-Fives, occasional sightings of early first-generation Corvettes weren’t unheard of.

The specific C1 Vette discussed here transformed into a Gasser drag racer during a meticulous two-and-a-half-year refurbishment that concluded in 2018. It’s currently up for auction, with a leading bid of $54,650, approximately the price of a new 2024 Toyota GR Supra with a 3.0-liter inline-six engine.

Visual enhancements include polished bumpers and trim, a removable hardtop (with the soft-top removed), exhaust outlets behind the front wheels, and 15” Cragar SS wheels wrapped in Auburn Deluxe radials at the front and Towel City Tires Pie Crust Cheater Slicks at the rear.

Interior upgrades comprise replacement seat covers, door panels, and a headliner, alongside a Hurst shifter, lap belts, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and an aftermarket tachometer mounted on the dashboard.

The 383ci stroker V8 engine under the hood is equipped with an aluminum radiator with two electric fans, polished cast aluminum valve covers, Hooker exhaust headers, and a Hilborn fuel injection system.

A four-speed manual gearbox coupled to a Ford 9″ rear end transfers power to the rear wheels. It’s an impressive setup, offering ample performance potential. However, the vehicle’s refined appearance might suggest a reluctance to subject it to the rigors of frequent drag strip outings.

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