Rare Find: Third-Gen Barracuda’s Timeless Charm Beyond the HEMI

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Rare Find: Third-Gen Barracuda's Timeless Charm Beyond the HEMI

Early third-generation Plymouth Barracudas often evoke thoughts of the iconic HEMI ‘Cuda models, prized for their rarity and desirability. In 1970, Plymouth sold nearly 49,000 Barracudas in the US, yet only 666 were equipped with the mighty HEMI engine.

The following year saw a further decline, with only 114 out of 16,492 vehicles leaving the assembly line sporting the top-tier mill. Consequently, only 780 HEMI ‘Cudas were ever produced, rendering them highly sought-after collectibles.

While the allure of HEMI-powered classics is undeniable, a third-gen Barracuda doesn’t necessarily require one to stand out. A meticulously restored example, such as the 1971 hardtop showcased here, exudes timeless appeal regardless of its powerplant.

Rare Find: Third-Gen Barracuda's Timeless Charm Beyond the HEMI

This particular Barracuda, finished in the popular B5 Blue metallic paint, adorned with prominent white billboards and a white interior, epitomizes the quintessential early 1970s aesthetic.

Despite lacking a HEMI engine, its rarity is still notable, considering that only 16,492 units were produced for the 1971 model year, with just 5,675 featuring the ‘Cuda trim.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a four-barrel 383-cubic-inch (6.3-liter) V8 engine, fitted to only 2,153 units, with 1,739 of those also boasting the ‘Cuda package, underscores its exclusivity. The combination of the 383 engine and an automatic transmission further narrows down the production to just 1,168 vehicles, like the one presented here.

While precise figures regarding unique color combinations are unavailable, it’s evident that this ‘Cuda stands as a rare gem among classic automobiles. Its continued presence on the road adds to its allure, as many of its counterparts have succumbed to deterioration over time.


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