Zagato Reveals Exclusive Limited Edition: Alpine A110 AGTZ Twin Tail

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Special Limited Edition Alpine A110 AGTZ Twin Tail From Zagato Breaks Cover

When the Zagato name graces a model, one can expect nothing short of a design marvel. Once again, the renowned Italian coachbuilder lives up to this expectation with its latest masterpiece: the Alpine A110 AGTZ Twin Tail.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Alpine A220, Zagato has ingeniously crafted a tribute to the classic Norman Berlinette, showcasing its expertise with a distinct focus on the rear, featuring a modular stern.

Enthusiasts familiar with the iconic arrow A brand will quickly recognize the source of Zagato’s inspiration for the AGTZ Twin Tail—the legendary Alpine A220. Its graceful silhouette pays homage to the former Le Mans racer, echoing its slender profile.

Sporting familiar pulpy headlights with twin lenses that seamlessly integrate with the wings, along with windshield pillars elegantly sweeping to form a single, curved window, the AGTZ Twin Tail encapsulates the spirit of the Alpine lineage.

Zagato’s signature double-bossed roof finds its place atop the Berlinetta, completing its distinguished appearance.

Alpine A110 AGTZ Twin Tail
Alpine A110 AGTZ Twin Tail (Credits: Car Body Design)

Adding a touch of flair, air intakes adorn the rear sides, enhancing both form and function. But what’s in a name? The moniker “Twin Tail” harks back to the dual body styles of the Alpine A220—one short and the other long.

Following disappointments at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1968 and 1969, engineers truncated the A220’s rear by 30 cm, resulting in new dimensions that excelled in rally specials and hill climbs.

The hallmark of the AGTZ Twin Tail lies in its rear, where an interchangeable stern mimics the two variants of the Alpine A220. Owners are granted the privilege of selecting between two configurations, tailored to their preferences. “The transformation is no longer irreversible.

Today, it can be repeated at the owner’s discretion, with a detachable tail, poised to grace their garage as an exquisite automotive sculpture when opting for the short-tail mode,” elaborates the craftsman.

A true masterpiece on wheels, the Alpine A110 AGTZ Twin Tail will be a limited edition, with only 19 units slated for production. Priced at €650,000, it commands a premium reflective of its exclusivity and craftsmanship—tenfold the cost of a standard A110.

Zagato anticipates unveiling its latest creation to the public during the Villa d’Este elegance competition on May 24th and 26th, set against the picturesque backdrop of Lake Como. Deliveries of the AGTZ Twin Tail are scheduled to commence by October 2024, marking a new chapter in automotive excellence.


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