Ford Pauses F-150 Lightning Deliveries

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Ford Suspends Deliveries Of The F-150 Lightning

Ford has temporarily halted deliveries of its F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck due to an undisclosed issue with the vehicles. This decision comes shortly after the company announced its intention to reduce production of the same model in the United States, citing declining sales.

The affected vehicles are from the 2024 model year, with deliveries commencing in January. Ford has stated that it will conduct quality inspections on the trucks, although it has not provided specific details regarding the nature of the checks.

Ford (Credits: FOX Business)

The timeline for resuming deliveries to car dealers remains uncertain, as Ford ceased shipping the electric pickup truck on February 9.

Despite encountering this setback, the F-150 Lightning was the top-selling electric pickup truck in the United States last year. Ford’s decision to decrease production in January was motivated by a desire to strike a balance between production output, sales growth, and profitability.

The company anticipates a slower-than-expected increase in electric car sales this year compared to previous projections. Nevertheless, Ford asserts its position as the second most popular electric car brand in the US, trailing behind market leader Tesla.


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