Mercedes Mythos SL: Luxury Roadster Evolution in 2025

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Mercedes Mythos SL: Luxury Roadster Evolution in 2025

Two years ago, Mercedes announced the creation of a new sub-brand named the Mythos Series, set to debut in 2025. Positioned above Maybach, the first car from this sub-brand, the Mythos SL, will feature a unique design derived from the SL, incorporating two nacelles reminiscent of Porsche’s Speedster-bodied models. Alongside the Mythos SL, Maybach is also developing its luxurious version of the SL.

By 2025, Mercedes-Benz will offer the R232 generation through three sub-brands: AMG, Maybach, and Mythos. While AMG and Maybach are well-known, the choice of the name Mythos for a luxury counterpart to Maybach may raise eyebrows, evoking associations with a Greek lager. Nevertheless, the Mythos SL is expected to boast significant luxury and performance features.

Mercedes Mythos SL: Luxury Roadster Evolution in 2025

In terms of powertrains, while the AMG SL offers four- and eight-cylinder engines, both the Maybach and Mythos variants will come with eight cylinders at the minimum.

Although enthusiasts may dream of a V12, Mercedes-Benz currently offers only two V12-powered vehicles: the Maybach S 680 and the Benz S 680 Guard. These models utilize the M279 twin-turbo V12 engine with three valves per cylinder.

Contrarily, the SL’s M177 twin-turbo V8 engine, akin to the M178 found in the first-generation AMG GT, features four valves per cylinder and offers power outputs of either 469 or 577 horsepower in the AMG SL. The upcoming Maybach SL is expected to feature the higher-output 577-hp variant as standard.

At the top end of the range, Mercedes will offer a hybrid-assisted V8 variant named the 63 S E PERFORMANCE, delivering 805 horsepower. Despite its performance credentials, the plug-in hybrid’s electric range is limited to 13 kilometers (8 miles) under WLTP testing.

Given the exclusivity and refinement of the Mythos SL, its pricing is expected to reflect its positioning. With the AMG SL 63 priced at nearly 200,000 euros in Germany, it’s conceivable that the Mythos SL could command a starting price well exceeding €300,000 ($325,000).


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