F1 Champions Who Haven’t Driven for Ferrari Yet

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F1 world champions who have never driven for Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton created shockwaves in the Formula 1 world when he announced his departure from Mercedes to join Ferrari for the 2025 season, even before the 2024 campaign had commenced.

This move signifies a significant shift in one of the most storied driver transfers in Formula 1 history, as the seven-time world champion will join the ranks of F1 legends who have donned the iconic Ferrari red.

For Hamilton, driving for Ferrari fulfills a childhood dream, and for many, it adds a crucial element to his illustrious career. Some argue that without this move, his CV would have felt incomplete.

Joining Ferrari is a coveted aspiration for nearly all drivers. Even greats like Michael Schumacher left championship-winning teams to become part of the Ferrari legacy. With Hamilton’s move, every driver who has secured four or more F1 championships has driven for Ferrari at some point in their career.

F1 Champions Who Haven't Driven for Ferrari Yet
F1 Champions Who Haven’t Driven for Ferrari Yet (Credits: F1 Oversteer)

However, there remain some three-time world champions who have never raced for the Scuderia. Here, we explore the five most successful drivers who never made the switch:

Jack Brabham

Brabham’s association with Ferrari was never a serious possibility. He made his debut with Cooper in 1955 and clinched his first world championship with the same team in 1959.

Despite Ferrari’s attempt to negotiate with him in 1960, Brabham’s allegiance remained elsewhere. Instead, he founded his own F1 team, Brabham, which he drove to his third championship in 1966.

Jackie Stewart

While Stewart had a meeting with Ferrari in 1968 after a challenging season, he was not swayed by the allure of the Italian team. Concerns about Ferrari’s reputation dissuaded him, and he chose to race under Ken Tyrrell, leading to three world championships and 25 grand prix victories.

Nelson Piquet

Piquet’s strong ties with Brabham made a move to Ferrari unlikely. Despite winning championships with Brabham and later Williams, his brief stint with Lotus did not result in a Ferrari switch. His criticisms of Ferrari’s performance further distanced him from the team.

Ayrton Senna

Senna’s career lacked a spell with Ferrari, despite numerous attempts to secure a move. His legendary rivalry with Alain Prost at McLaren overshadowed any potential transfer. Talks between Senna and Ferrari never materialized, and tragically, his life was cut short before any agreement could be reached.

Max Verstappen

At 26, Verstappen’s future remains open, but currently, he sees no reason to leave Red Bull Racing. Despite initial interest from Ferrari, his commitment to Red Bull has remained steadfast. While he hasn’t ruled out a move to Ferrari in the future, it’s not a consideration at present.

While some world champions have never raced for Ferrari, the team boasts a long list of F1 greats among its ranks. Yet, several champions who made the move found it challenging, a fate Hamilton will aim to avoid as he embarks on this new chapter with Ferrari.


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